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This is supposed to be a digest overview of (or portal to) things-worth-knowing about Oni. Please keep in-depth discussions for added value sections elsewhere. Also feel free to elaborate on the talk page.


Emergency Override Griffin Alpha Zero

People can't always tell why (zombie) Shinatama, after engaging Omega Security Mode, continued to advance on Griffin despite the emergency override and the order to "stay back".
It turns out that Griffin was using one of the low-level emergency overrides that had been turned off by D. Joost and P. Tamte (Bungie staff cameos) without Griffin being notified.



There are the Buddhist oni (either imps or patron deities) and the pagan oni (malicious ogres or beasts). Food for eerie tales, oni-slaying epics and more.
A relevant expression is "Oni ni Kanabô" ("strong beyond strong"). It can also have the proverbial meaning that great power should only be granted to the worthy.
Oni-gokko is the game of tag. The "it" in the game of tag is the "oni" in oni-gokko. Another interesting reference is the "oni warrior" Musashibo Benkei.


More notes on the meaning of "Konoko" and where it occurs in the real world can be found on the Talk:Trivia page.

Konoko's name is never written in a Japanese script in Oni, and so one can't really be sure what kanji/hiragana it would be composed of. Given the many meanings of "ko", tentative decompositions and interpretations can get rather wild. Thus, the meaning depends a lot on the context. But if you watch subtitled animé, you'll encounter this phrase fairly often, with the meaning "this child" ("kono ko").


Among the animated dolls of the Edo era, a shinatama was a "trickster puppet", guarding the contents of a jewel box.

The puppet could also make the contents of the jewel box disappear, with a "magic trick" animation.
The initial decomposition of SHINA-TAMA in this case is probably "precious jewel".


Mukade are large centipedes that are known for infesting Japanese houses. Several mukade species exist.
Mukade was also a mythical giant centipede, which bothered dragons and was slain by a human warrior.


Placeholder name standing for "Bad Guys International" (source). Reinterpreted as "Be Good, Inc." by geyser.


The mystical Bungie number 7 is found throughout the game, as broken down on the Seven page.

Foreign scripts

Kanji in promo art & trailer

The Japanese text that appears in various promotional images is broken down on the Oni matrix page.

Chinese in Hasegawa's lab

The definite meaning of this sign has never been determined.