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iOn EyEs is a action game project driven by Terribilis Studio (Lyon, France), with several contributors from the English-speaking Oni community. The engine used by the game is Unreal Engine 4

  • The main coder is Jonathan "John" Lopez (Terribilis).
  • Locomotion system based on Advanced Locomotion System v3 by Longmire Locomotion, heavily modified (by John) to accommodate more movement types and acrobatics (both those existing in Oni and new ones)
  • Original character/level modeling/texturing by Ltemplar (Poland)
  • Consulting and animation routines by Sergey "geyser" Meshkov (Russia, France)

Story, heroine and premise

Many years after a global cataclysm, most of the land is toxic, but big cities still thrive under the rule of the mighty META technocracy. (META is essentially an extension of Oni's BGi, and a fusion of WCG and the Syndicate.)

There are actually two heroines and two story lines, both occurring in the same world and converging at some point.

  • An amnesiac (and nameless) Konoko wakes up at the bottom of a destroyed air-processing facility. Making her way through the air duct to the outskirts of a nearby city, she is mistaken for a refugee and joins the libertarian movement known as Phoenix. Her missions bring her in direct confrontation with META, up to the point where her past and "true nature" are revealed. (It turns out that Konoko is responsible for the Cataclysm, and that she is alienated by a form of smart cancer - the Daodan Chrysalis.)
  • A gynoid named Hikari, developed as a prototype by the utopian technocracy META, escapes the control of its makers. A mysterious artificial intelligence (Shinatama, unnamed) acts as a guide for Hikari, whereas Hikari acts as the AI's avatar in the physical world. Their quest is to uncover the truth behind the Cataclysm (it was caused by Konoko, who happens to be related to the AI and to Hikari herself), find Konoko's whereabouts and unveil META's dark secrets.



There are several categories here:

  • inspiring characters from existing games (which we should be careful not to imitate/borrow too closely);
  • free or cheap character assets that we might want to use, with minimal modeling/texturing work involved;
  • influential 2D concepts which we might want to turn into 3D models, after asking the artist it it's OK;
  • our own concepts/developments

Existing game characters

  • Shelly (main character from the game Bombshell) (dead link)

More or less game-ready character assets

2D concepts and other "pins"

Our own character ideas


Vehicles & mecha

Weapons & props