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Hi SFeLi, I have a question about your daodan DLL.

It makes custom cheats possible like "bulletproof" and "kangaroo".
Now I'm wondering if you can do something similar for BSL. (There are cheats like "omnipotent = 1" and "invincible = 1")
Could the DLL recognize a new BSL cheat like "regeneration = 1" (1 health point per frame for 100 frames) when called by a function?

Or even better: maybe you can work your way up a fully new commando like: chr_add_health character var_1 var_2 (So it adds var_1 (e.g. 1) health point(s) per frame and keep going for var_2 (e.g. 100) frames in total or until the character gets interrupted.) --User:Paradox-01, 25 June 2008‎