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Vago is a tool that assists modders. Download here. It is a front-end for OniSplit and handles all the general conversions (.dat -> .oni, .oni -> xml, .xml-> .oni, and .oni -> dat). It also supports OniSplit's import/export abilities with textures, models, and levels. In addition, Vago features wizards for easy conversion of sounds to Oni format, and creation of packages for the AEI 2.


Tips and Features

Drag And Drop


Vago supports drag-and-drop in every table widget. This means you don't need to click the "Add" button to add new files (or folders) to a table. You can drag the files with the mouse and drop them in the table, and they will be added automatically.



All of the tables that appear in Vago contain tooltips for their cell contents. This is especially useful for checking if the contents are correct without resizing the table columns.


Besides tables, any UI component of Vago may contain tooltips. They may be very helpful in understanding certain program options.

Context menus

The main program conversion tables support contextual menus which can be very helpful. To access them, right-click on the contents of the table.


The following options are available:

Copy - Copies the selected row's contents to the clipboard.

Move up and Move down - Moves the selected rows up or down in the table. This especially helpful when you need to process the table items in a specific order.

Change to current options - Changes the selected rows to the current settings in the Options section below each table.

Change output for - Changes the output for the selected items to a specified destination. For example, you could change the output of a newly-created .dat file to be Oni/AE/GameDataFolder/.

Enable/Disable - Enables or disables the selected items. This is especially helpful when you don't need to process some of the current items, but you are planning to process them later.