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PART : Particle spawn list
XML modding tips
  • See HERE to start learning about XML modding.
  • See HERE if you are searching for information on how to handle object coordinates.
  • See HERE for some typical modding errors and their causes.

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general information

  • The xml code on this page is based on onisplit v0.9.61.0
  • BINACJBOParticle.oni is level specific. (It can be found in AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/levelX_Final.dat)

BSL support

following command can kill different particle with same tag at once but only one of each, so don't double spawn

  • particle BSL_name kill (kill counts also as die event)

following command reset particle

  • particle BSL_name reset

following commands depend on particle events

BSL_name = <Tag> in BINACJBOParticle.xml / <Name> in ENVP
file_name = <Class> in BINACJBOParticle.xml / <ParticleClass> in ENVP
particle BSL_name update p3_callevent file_name 0
particle BSL_name pulse p3_callevent file_name 1
particle BSL_name start p3_callevent file_name 2
particle BSL_name stop p3_callevent file_name 3
particle BSL_name bgfx_start p3_callevent file_name 4
particle BSL_name bgfx_stop p3_callevent file_name 5
particle BSL_name hit_wall p3_callevent file_name 6
particle BSL_name hit_char p3_callevent file_name 7
particle BSL_name lifetime p3_callevent file_name 8
particle BSL_name explode p3_callevent file_name 9
particle BSL_name brokenlink p3_callevent file_name 10
particle BSL_name create (create counts also as update event) p3_callevent file_name 11
particle BSL_name die p3_callevent file_name 12
particle BSL_name newattractor p3_callevent file_name 13
particle BSL_name delay_start p3_callevent file_name 14
particle BSL_name delay_stop p3_callevent file_name 15

note about wannabe-damaging particle

Damaging particles would make characters "flinch" no matter how little the damage. So, particle are responsible for visualizing the danger and a trigger volume for dealing the damage.

particle auto1fire start
### TV inside function
func void fire_damage(string ai_name)
	dprint fire_hurt_konoko
	### ignore the "fire_hurt_konoko"
	### all characters get damage because the TV is registered for all teams (255)
	### ps: this damage cannot be absorbed by a shield
	chr_poison (ai_name, 5, 30, 30);

file structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

[...] means at least one particle. Paste all particle data into there (this includes <PART Id="..."> and </PART> tag).


Fire particle.jpg
       <PART Id="8463">
               <Position>-1050 45 1610</Position>
               <Rotation>0 0 0</Rotation>
               <DecalScale>1 1</DecalScale>


  • <Flags> : (unknown, usually empty)
  • <Position> : (particle is created at this xyz-position)
  • <Rotation> : (particle has xyz-rotation (in degrees))
  • <Class> : (file name, can have up to 64 characters)
  • <Tag> : (name for BSL use, can have up to 48 characters)
  • <Flags> :
  • <Decal> : (first comes X (horizontal) scaling (float value), then a space, then Y (vertical) scaling (float value); "1" seems to show image in original size which can be rather small in-game if actual decal file uses also a small scale)