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CHAR : Weapon spawn list
XML modding tips
  • See HERE to start learning about XML modding.
  • See HERE if you are searching for information on how to handle object coordinates.
  • See HERE for some typical modding errors and their causes.

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general information

  • The xml code on this page is based on onisplit v0.9.61.0
  • BINACJBOWeapon.oni is level specific. (It can be found in AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/levelX_Final.dat)
  • There are two ways to spawn weapons.
A) by using original or custom teleport flags which needs a BSL command, e.g.:
weapon_spawn w3_phr 5
B) by using this weapon list file

XML structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

[...] means at least one weapon. Paste all weapon data into there (this includes <WEAP Id="..."> and </WEAP> tag).


XML WEAP modded.jpg
       <WEAP Id="8240">
               <Position>-1519 45 1521</Position>
               <Rotation>180 0 0</Rotation>


  • <Flags> : (unknown)
  • <Position> : (weapon is spawned at this xyz-position (world units as float values))
  • <Rotation> : (weapon has xyz-rotation (degrees as float values); only x is useful)
  • <Class>
w1_tap (TCTF pistol)
w2_sap (Syndicate uzi)
w3_phr (plasma rifle)
w4_psm (phase stream projector)
w5_sbg (super ball gun)
w6_vdg (shocker)
w7_scc (scram cannon (mini-rockets))
w8_mbo (mercury bow)
w9_scr (screamer gun)
w10_sni (Mukade's firework)
w11_ba1 (Barabas' gun)
w12_ba2 (-)
(any other installed AE or custom weapon without file pre- and suffix; e.g. ONWCw24_psr.oni is just called by w24_psr)
(ONWC files are stored in level0)

Mod Tool addon

weapon manager

With OniTools.xsiaddon version 3 you can drag'n'drop BINACJBOWeapon.oni into the viewport.

Add or remove weapons, edit position and rotation as if they were real objects.

When ready, export the data as BINACJBOWeapon.xml to a folder of your choice.