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TRSC : Screen (aiming) Collection
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General information

  • TRSCs can be global (level0_Final.dat) or local (levelX_Final.dat). The commonly used ones, TRSCcomguy_screens, TRSCkonoko_screens and TRSCstriker_screens, are global, whereas the rest are found in the levels where the characters appear who use them: TRSCmuro_screens, TRSCninja_screens, TRSCred_screens and TRSCtanker_screens.
  • TRSCs are lists of all the aiming screens (TRAS) that can be applied to a character, based on their current animation state.
  • Each ONCC links to one TRSC.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <TRSC id="0">

TRSCs have a variable number of aiming screens in them; as few as 11 (TRSCninja_screens) and as many as 14 (TRSCstriker_screens). What happens if a character's animation state is not covered by any TRAS?