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WMM_ : WM Menu
XML modding tips
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General information

  • This is a global resource type (level0_Final).
  • "WM" stands for "Window Manager".
  • WMM_ is used to create a single menu in a menu bar. However all of the WMM_s in level0_Final seem to be development relics which are no longer called on by the game. The one exception is WMM_pm_difficulty, which is referenced by WMDDdialog_options to provide the contents of the Options screen's Difficulty menu ("Easy", "Normal", "Hard").
  • The only other menu in Oni is the Options screen's resolution menu, which has to be populated at runtime by the game, so there is no WMM_ for it.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <WMM_ id="0">

The two choices for <Type> are "Option" (a menu item) and "Separator" (a separating line that you would put between groups of items). In the second case, the <Text> supplied does not matter. The way that Oni reacts to items in the UI is hardcoded, so there's little use in modding WMM-type data.