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What it is

The Daodan DLL is a file called vtuneapi.dll, which is loaded at startup by all PC versions of Oni.

It allows one to hook Oni's runtime environment and patch the executable dynamically, at runtime.

The key features at the moment are a few bug fixes and a bunch of more or less revolutionary cheats.

The DLL fixes the common "Blam" at startup (caused by the overflow of the GL extensions buffer).

(it does not yet fix all critical overflows (e.g., Oni can not handle over 32 chars with an Nvidia GFX card)

The DLL enables DirectInput, making the key configuration layout-independent. Also fixes mouse wheel etc.

The DLL unlocks the thedayismine cheat and makes it available through "x" to save on typing.

The DLL makes cheats available even if the game has not been completed (which can't happen with the demo).

The DLL adds cheats like kangaroo, bulletproof, bigbadboss and tellmetheversion ^^

For more information, please refer to the README file

Where to get it

"basic" refers to the latest FASM build. No C source, no SDK. Yet. Versions covered: demo, Russian, and Eastern English

Get it from SFeLi

A single ZIP (basic.zip) for all 3 versions
Extract the DLL you need and place it alongside your Oni.exe
Here it is

Get it from geyser

Non-zipped DLLs for every version
Download the one you need and place it alongside your Oni.exe
If it complains, try replacing your Oni.exe with the one provided.
Here they are

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