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Ninja Render 2.jpg

Introduced in CHAPTER 10 . CAT AND MOUSE, Ninjas are presumably affiliated with the Syndicate, as they share the green/tan-blue-red color scheme of Strikers, albeit in a muted form. The headgear of the Ninjas have many different variations. Their name implies that they are responsible for assassinations and espionage (as also shown by Mukade stealing the disc that contains Dr. Hasegawa's recording). The lack of visible skin, except for the neck area, has led some to speculate that Ninjas are androids of some sort, which would explain their lack of hostility towards their targets. However, ninjas traditionally do not show much of themselves. Also, the head ninja Mukade is dressed the same, and we know that he must be organic since he's a Daodan symbiote -- though that does not rule out the possibility of ninjas being clones of some original human(s).


  • "You're mine! [short laugh]"
  • "Neutralized." (when opponent is defeated)


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