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DPge : Diary Page
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Dpge all.gif

Offset Type Raw Hex Value Description
0x00 res_id 01 71 10 00 4209 04209-lev_01_pg_01.DPge
0x04 lev_id 01 00 00 00 0 level 0
0x08 int16 01 00 1 level 1
0x0A int16 01 00 1 page 1
0x0C int8 00 0 0 - normal page, 1 - learned move page
0x0D char[3] DE AD DE dead unused
0x10 int32[12] 00 00 00 ... 0 action icons; always zero
0x40 int16 01 6B 10 00 4203 link to 04203-.IGPG

The game can load at most 60 DPge instances.
Action icons
While this field is unused in all existing DPges, Oni still uses the data if it is provided. The purpose is to provide visual instructions for performing a move (assuming this is a move page). Until reaching 12 actions or an int32 that is zero, Oni will walk through these values and display icons left-to-right in the sub-text area of the diary page for the following actions. The TXMPs for each action are determined by KeyI.
Modifiers (add this bit on top of an action):
Hold this key = 0x1000
Press key quickly = 0x2000
Plus sign = 0x0100 (for placing between action icons)
Wait before pressing next key = 0x0200 (creates empty space, not an icon)
Punch = 0x0001
Kick = 0x0002
Forward = 0x0004
Backward = 0x0008
Strafe left = 0x0010
Strafe right = 0x0020
Crouch = 0x0040
Jump = 0x0060
While using this field produces interesting results, it's likely that BWest realized it would be more complicated to explain how to perform moves with icons than to simply write some text, explaining why this field was never used.

DOOR << Other file types >> ENVP
DPge : Diary Page
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