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Oni Central

Originally a main source of news about Oni during its development, Oni Central, maintained by Harry, is mostly used today to host the Oni Central Forum, the main gathering place for Oni fans.

You can also visit Harry's portal page at http://oni.bungie.org, which links to the most active fan-maintained sites as well as official sites of companies connected to Oni. (For more links to related companies, see the Rights page.)


This community chat room can be used to ask for help, or to see progress updates on various modding projects. You can find an invite link to our community server here.


An essential part of the Oni community, this is a domain hosted by Alloc, which offers free space for any Oni-related pages/media. The two most significant uses of the domain are this wiki and the Oni Mod Depot.

An index of all the browseable subdomains is on the main page, http://www.oni2.net. The non-indexed sites are here:

Other fan sites and forums

A number of dead links that were formerly on this page have been commented out so that they're invisible, but you can click on the Edit link for this page if you want to see them for historical purposes. (If it's history you're interested in, you can also read History of the Oni community.)

Larger sites

Personal sites

Program links

Here are links to older modding programs that are not on the Depot. While these were the earliest tools used by the community, their functions have been superseded by newer tools.

Other Bungie games

For links to the modern communities for Bungie's other major classic titles, see Myth and Marathon.