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Here is a master list of Oni-related sites and servers. If a site has been shut down or is no longer updated, but it is still live on the Net or has been archived by the Internet Archive, it's hidden in a section below. Anything else has been removed from the page altogether, and you'll have to check the page history to find it. (If it's history you're interested in, you can also read History of the Oni community.)

Important links

Oni Central Discord. Founded by Noneatme, this community chat room always has someone online, and can be used to ask for help or to see progress updates on various modding projects.

Oni Central Forum. Maintained by Harry, this is the sole Oni forum still running, though day-to-day activity has moved to Discord.

Oni Mod Depot. Maintained by Iritscen, this site houses all the community's mods. Most of these mods are intended to be installed from within the Anniversary Edition Installer.

Anniversary Edition. A fan-made framework for modding, a collection of patches for the game, and a GUI that allows users to install mod packages from the Mod Depot.

OniGalore. You are here. Maintained by the community, this wiki contains massive amounts of information about the game for players and modders.


Oni has at least a minimal presence on these sites:

Historical fan sites and forums

These sites don't get updated anymore, but they contain some of the community's history.

Related companies

For links to companies connected to Oni, see the Rights page.

Other Bungie games

For links to the modern communities for Bungie's other major classic titles, see Myth and Marathon.