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This is a navigable representation of Oni's file hierarchy under Windows and the Mac OS. Click on a folder name to drill down to that level of the hierarchy; click on a file's name to read more about that file (not all files have more info available on them).

The default location for this folder in Windows is C:\Program Files\Oni, and in Mac OS X is /Applications/Oni.

Windows Mac OS X Description
A subfolder with movies, scripts and binary resources
Error log; only created if an error occurs while running Oni
The key configuration file
Oni.exe Oni The game's executable
ONI.url URL for oni.bungie.com (site is defunct)
Save-game file; created upon first run of Oni
readme.txt Oni ReadMe The readme file
RegisterOni.url URL for http://www.godgames.com/main.php?section=support&page=registration (godgames.com still exists, but the link is broken)
Event log; created upon first run of Oni