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This is a browseable representation of Oni's file hierarchy under Windows and the Mac OS. You can use it to verify that you have all the needed files; it can also educate you on the details of what each file does, or how Oni finds its game data. Click on a folder's name to go down to that level of the hierarchy; click on a file's name to read more about that file.

The default location for this folder in Windows is C:\Program Files\Oni, and in Mac OS X it is /Applications/Oni.

For Windows Vista, four files - persist.dat, debugger.txt, key_config.txt & startup.txt are instead located at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Oni by virtue of OS's handling of the game's installation. This does not apply to Oni: AE that is installed on Vista.

About the icons
Aqua Dot-Red.png = needed to run Oni (created while installing); Aqua Dot-Yellow.png = created while running Oni; Aqua Dot-Blue.png = less-important files.

Not all Oni players may see all the files in this list; if they are marked with yellow, Oni may not have seen a need to create them (read about that file for more info); if they are blue, then don't even worry about them if they're missing.

This list is not exhaustive. Screenshots and "films" are dumped to this folder, with generic filenames. Also, a variety of debugging/authoring information can be dumped on demand, either from scripts or the Dev Mode console.
Windows Mac OS X Description
Aqua Dot-Red.png
A subfolder with movies, scripts and binary resources
Aqua Dot-Red.png
Allows Windows Oni to play Bink movies
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png
Error log; only created if an error occurs while running Oni
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png
Key configuration file; if it's missing, Oni will generate a fresh copy
Aqua Dot-Blue.png
Software license and warranty agreement
Aqua Dot-Red.png
The game's executable
Aqua Dot-Blue.png
URL for Oni subdomain on Bungie.com (defunct)
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png
Save-game file; created by Oni if missing
Aqua Dot-Blue.png
Oni ReadMe
Read-me file
Aqua Dot-Blue.png
URL for godgames.com game registration (defunct)
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png
List of BSL commands & variables; created by BSL command dump_docs
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png
Log of BSL "contexts"; dumped if Oni is run with -debugfiles
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png
Event log; overwritten every time Oni is run
Aqua Dot-Blue.png
Record used by Windows to uninstall Oni (or "Uninstal.log")