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dwarf = low-security access
(as opposed to TITAN)
Possible reference to Myth
mtnc = mountain compound?

Incidence Report: Damage to loading bay tunnel Red.

At approximately 08:00:00 a collision occurred between parked vehicle APC12 and BGI vehicle #102472.

The impact forced the vehicles through the storm doors at Stop Point B.

The vehicles and debris were removed by 10:33:00. The driver (S. Uade, Green Division) suffered minor injuries.

Tunnels between SP1 and SP2
The truck takes tunnel Blue

Tunnel Red will remain closed until the installation of new blast door: model Musashi DX1000.


1) Stop Point A operators must coordinate Blue tunnel for two-way traffic.

2) Reprimand all personnel for sloppy operating behavior.

Musashi telling the Syndicate
to buy Musashi Blast Doors
How much did he pay the driver?

3) Replace all remaining doors with Musashi DX1000.

filed by: D.Musashi