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Q-31 Railgun


Manifest 3Y-324-G contains six crates that have been tagged with the usual trans-visual spectrum markers.

They contain ammunition for the Q-31 Railgun recently seized by the TCTF. A second weapon has entered the country and will be in our possession soon.

You are instructed to hide the crates until we reclaim them. The ammo is non-volatile so it won't be dangerous for you or your men to handle. Your greatest danger lies in discovery.

Or failure.

Atmospheric Densifiers


Dispose of the combustion engine parts contained in shipment 2Y-224-B, but keep the shipping containers.

There must be no chance that the parts can be tracked back to the original order. Repack the shipment with the Atmospheric Densifiers present in shipment 3X-302-C.

Weights will be added to match the original recorded tonnage, but we aren't expecting anyone to open the crates so they will only need to pass a casual inspection.

Chung's datapad

Same identifier as the Q-31 Railgun...

and a lowercase V in the manifest ID...



Manifest 12A-694-v contains a number of fragile items. Note the follo....


"Hey, it's me: Chung.

Sorry about the encryption. But I'd hate to have this fall into the wrong hands.

If you're reading this message, then I've paid the ultimate price for failing my mission.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Syndicate found out I was a mole. They're smart.

That last line doesn't fit into the frame so it's not seen ingame

Very smart."

"Anyhow, all you need to know is in my datapad. Our suspicions were correct: BGI and the Syndicate are joined at the hip.

All the contraband leaving this warehouse is being funneled through BGI's daughter-company, Musashi Manufacturing.

The warehouse manager has suspected this for some time and has been warning his office personnel to get out over the last month.

If I'm dead, then he's probably next. He's a good man, I hope you can find him in time.

I hope you have better luck than I did.

Be careful."


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Deadly Brain

ENCRYPT SEQUENCE TaL0315-68 seq. 1

File Archive > Subject: Deadly Brain

This project was an attempt to replace the control systems of a Type 3 Battle Drone with a grafted biological brain.

Projections indicated that the reflex response of a direct neural link would be as much as twenty times faster than any remote or automated system.

File Archive > Subject: Deadly Brain [cont]

Brains were harvested for us in hospitals by surgeons willing to falsify records in exchange for high paying consultancy positions with one of our "clean" corporations.

Wounded military and law enforcement personnel were given the highest priority.

File Archive > Subject: Deadly Brain [cont]

Cybergenic implants conditioned the brains giving them the programming needed to control the drones. Sixteen prototypes were produced before the TCTF located the test facility.

The prototype Deadly Brains engaged the TCTF, providing excellent live-fire field tests.

Deadly Brain : Weapon Systems

ENCRYPT SEQUENCE TaL0315-68 seq. 2
Deadly Brain > Weapon Systems

Engineers attempted to exploit the advantages inherent in the speed of the neural link by interlocking batteries of free tracking ball mount plasma cannons designed to independently track and fire upon multiple targets simultaneously.

In simulations the cannons were effective but in the heat of battle the friendly fire lockout would sometimes fail, causing the drone weapons to fire on allied units. In field tests against the TCTF half of the losses we sustained were from rogue plasma batteries.

Deadly Brain > Weapon Systems [cont]

Several attempts were made to remedy the flaws in the system but nothing provided satisfactory reliability.

Final prototypes incorporated Screaming Cannon mounts with auto-tracking projectiles along with Auto-Pistol mounts to provide target suppression and covering fire which proved to be an effective mix for area denial and point defense.

Deadly Brain : Weaknesses

ENCRYPT SEQUENCE TaL0315-68 seq. 3
Deadly Brain > Weaknesses

The greatest weakness of the Deadly Brain prototypes stems from their control interface.

Brains harvested from trained combat personnel come from a lifetime of interfacing with human physiology.

Deadly Brain > Weaknesses [cont]

Once integrated into the cybernetic system a barrage of alien data with no human frame of physical reference often overwhelms them.

Given time the host brain can adapt and begin to utilize its new physical state, but that delicate equilibrium is easily upset by ghost physical data input through the command consoles of the drone.

However approaching the command consoles of an active Deadly Brain is deemed virtually impossible, so this so-called flaw in the system is considered insignificant.

Dr. Singh

VOICE ENCRYPT 01.967.23 <Dr. Singh, Earnest M.>

"Dr. Kafelnikov and I have just completed Test Part 483 in the ESS (Environmental Stress Simulator) with the settings prescribed by protocol AT-MOK 64.

Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to recalibrate the surface tension sensors to accommodate the extended exposure required by this battery--

What the?!"



"I don't know what's happened. The Brain. Someone has turned the cursed thing on!

I've sent Dr. Kafelnikov into the chamber to see what he can do. But this looks bad. Very bad. If we can't get--

Who the blazes are you? Put that away. This is a restricted area! I...wait, no! Please--"


Dr. Kafelnikov

VOICE ENCRYPT 01.965.04 <Dr. Kafelnikov, Roland V.>

"Singh, can you hear me? I can't access the chamber! The damn thing managed to charge its security sub-systems.

Trip the breaker console in the lab, and get over here! Then we'll be able to get inside and trigger the overrides.

Singh? Where the devil are you? There's no time...I'm moving to the control platform to try and slow its arming sequence."



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The SLD project


The SLD project is an attempt to recreate human physiology with artificial materials.

This is similar to the cyborg implant protocols developed for the "Marionette" project but it calls for a design that uses no human cells.

SLD technology has reached it's third design generation and prototype SLDs are in use in a wide range of industries including law enforcement, fire fighting, manufacturing, and aviation.

At present, regulation SLD designs appear childlike. An "immature" body limits the androids' physical capabilities in the event of catastrophic failsafe collapse.

Troubling reports indicate that the Syndicate has been engaged in parallel SLD research to the mainstream development community.

Indeed, they may have completed fully functional SLDs intended for paramilitary purposes.

(ref.TANKER v1.6 - 1.9)

As our confidence in the core technology grows, the mainstream research community will continue to increase the size of the SLD units.

We are on course to create dolls with a 'fully mature' physiognomy within the next three to five years.

Data File: SLD - Simulated Life Doll

SLDs are individuals


SLDs are individuals in many respects. Dolls are grown by implanting micromechanical fabrication cells in large molds containing a mass of materials we call "prototissue".

By varying the priming data input over the fourteen day molding process we are able to approximate genetic variation and the effects of environment on early life.

It is always a pleasure to see a new unit come out of the mold. We are never really sure what they will look like until they are ready for their first systems check.

One thing we still cannot do is create an artificial system that adequately simulates the processes of the human mind.

Instead SLDs contain a behavioral framework patterned on donor brain engram data fed into the system during its formation.

This core personality is then given a chance to develop a unique neurolattice while experiencing accelerated streaming sensory feeds.

Most SLDs have to spend at least three months in the senseloop, which we have come to think of as their psychological womb.

Enjoy your visit

VAGO BIOTECH - Life is for Everyone

All visitors must sign in with reception, and keep their ID badges with them at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lab security has been heightened today due to an unexpectedly large demand for group tours. Do not be alarmed. Feel free to ask any of VAGO's friendly security staff for help should you need it.

Please, enjoy your visit!

The day after

VAGO BIOTECH - Life is for Everyone
A power station blows up after Konoko reads this,
with particles called dayafter and day264.

Lab Management is pleased to announce that this facility has gone 263 DAYS without an accident!

This safety achievement is just one of the many reasons why VAGO is THE industry leader in employee satisfaction.

Remember: Work hard, but work safe!



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Black market goods

TCTF Bulletin: Effective immediately this facility is classified as a Class C security risk.

Class C risks include facilities where TCTF agents have recovered restricted technologies. All search and seizure statutes of the WCG TCTF Dangerous Tech Resolution 2yg apply.

Airport employees have been apprehended with dangerous black market goods in their possession. Until the airport is downgraded to a Class D risk all employees are subject to periodic search by TCTF agents.

Anyone who is found to have restricted technology in their possession will be terminated by the airport and will be subject to prosecution by the TCTF. Expect to be searched during check-in and log-out every day for the next three weeks. Be advised that personal lockers and effects will be subject to random theta wave scans.

Hollow leg prosthetics

WCG.subref.AirCOn Region 7Dispatch>

Syndicate smugglers have been discovered to be using hollow leg prosthetics sculpted from living tissue to foil standard sensor sweeps.

Portable scanners can be used to detect the prosthetics if the scan depth is increased by 8%.

Be on the lookout for travelers who walk slowly or deliberately. The sculpted muscles are awkward and difficult to control.

Wilderness Preserves

WCG.subref.AirCOn Environmental Update >

Until further notice no Wilderness Preserve fly-overs will be permitted in the sectors specified in TCTF order 127-32-516. Scheduled flight plans that violate restricted airspace will have to be rerouted.

Pilots who have entered these sectors have reported biological contamination. TCTF coordinators have made it very clear that this directive will be enforced using any means necessary to ensure the isolation of the afflicted area.

Contact one of the Rescheduling Coordinators at NavCom Central with any questions.


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Illegal flights

WCG.subref.AirCon General Alert >

Flight log irregularities suggest that flight path records have been tampered with to conceal illegal flights into and out of this facility.

All pilots and traffic control personnel should be sure to report contact with any craft that seem to be off course or improperly registered.

Malfunctioning Atmospheric Processor

WCG.subref.NavCom Advisory >

Unexplained interference in Sector N31 has been reported to create "ghost" signals which may be displaced echoes of standard guidance transmissions.

Report all incidents of ghosting to NavCom Central. It is believed that a malfunctioning Atmospheric Processor may be responsible for the rogue emissions.

A Crisis Control response team has been dispatched and will file a follow-up report in 28 to 32 hours.

Rancid Pho

WCG.subref.Custodial Heads-Up >

"We're finally getting around to cleaning up last week's perishable items spill in access tunnel 34c.04.

As most of you know, the rats had a field day with all that rancid Pho.

The plan is to turn on the S3 (Selective Scouring System) from 0100 to 0200.

No one, I mean no one, should set foot in that tunnel while the scour is underway."


WCG.voice-activated GENERAL SOS >

"Evans here. We've got a massive attack from the terminal areas. The're dozens of 'em. I see heavy weapons...

Listen, everyone get the heck out of sectors 35 and 38 ASAP! I'll hold them as long as I can.

Take that! Unh! And That!

Yeah! Who's your Daddy!? Oh, you want some too? Well come and ge--"


Circuit breakers

WCG.subref.Custodial Heads-Up/Query >

"Morning guys, it's Zeke. I finally got those circuit breakers working. Took me all night.

There's still a short somewhere in the sub-wiring, so they'll only stop the S3 for 10 seconds.

But that's the best I can do until we get this week's parts allocation. Hey Shintaro, what's the ETA on that?"

Walther Banks

WCG.voice-activated GENERAL SOS >

"This is Walther Banks. I'm at console 62 in Employee Parking Lot 5C, and it's crawling with criminals!

Hello? Is there anyone there?!

Listen...The members of my carpool, they've been wounded...They may even be dead. Send a security squad to this sector ASAP!

I'm going to try and find a place to hide before they...Wait! No! Nnnggg--"



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CLASSIFIED - Clearance Gamma S16 and Above Only>
TCTFdl12\gpp\aL3 Personnel Performance Log\supplemental

During routine physical training Konoko experienced a drop in latency that precipitated a Daodan power spike.

Her strength, speed and endurance were temporarily improved to what can only be described as superhuman levels. She was able to perform at record-breaking capacity for over an hour and a half.

TCTFdl12\gpp\aL3 Personnel Performance Log\supplemental [cont]

While boosted, she demonstrated an uncharacteristic aggressiveness that frightened her instructors. She was asked to stop working out so we could monitor her but she refused.

When the spike subsided we expected her to be exhausted but she was not. In fact she was elated and insisted on starting her routine over from the beginning.

If Konoko's latency drops any more than it did during this incident we are concerned that she could become violent. All of her trainers are advised to keep VDG pistols on hand for the time being.

History of the Syndicate

GENERAL ACCESS - Clearance Alpha G1>
TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate

The Mafia was the dominant criminal organization in the US for many generations but they began to lose their hold when the information age dawned. Their old world traditions were ill suited to the techno-centric world of the twenty first century.

Younger and more agile organizations were able to exploit this weakness. One of these, a collaboration known as "the Network" had earned incredible sums of money through black market technological sales, patent jumping and mercenary exploitation of their expertise in the underdeveloped nations of the pre-WCG world.

That last paragraph doesn't fit into
the frame, so it's not seen ingame.

Funded by wealthy white-collar criminals, the Network viewed their involvement in organized crime as an investment. They treated other criminal organizations as foundering companies ripe for takeover, a strategy well suited to the new face of crime.

TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate [cont]

The Network's financial assets made it possible to simply buy the loyalty of top men from existing criminal organizations and within twelve years their dominance of the criminal world was complete.

When the new geopolitical order of the World Coalition Government was instituted many technologies were identified as dangerous to world stability and were banned or reserved to restricted access. The Network survived the chaos of the world riots by establishing and maintaining a reliable technological black market.

TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate [cont]

During that time of unrest they found that they needed a more centralized armed power base to maintain their operations and so began to arm and train their operatives in a consistent manner. In doing so the faceless Network evolved into the highly trained and heavily armed force that we now know as the Syndicate.

The Syndicate has strong ties with and influence over several small countries that lie beyond the easy reach of the unified WCG. In these countries Syndicate factories produce the goods they sell here.

TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate [cont]

At present the TCTF is involved in two thousand ongoing Syndicate-related investigations. The resources of the WCG are at our disposal and we will use them to strike down this cancer that threatens our entire way of life.

Spray Addicts

TCTF Case File 112647-D Spray Addicts

OPEN: Synopsis
Syndicate connected drug dealers have been addicting young men and women by shooting them with hypo spray injectors at big parties.

The devices they are using are nearly painless so the victims often have no idea that they have been stung.

If these dealers tag their potential customers more than once victims begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. All the Syndicate operatives have to do to score is watch the dance floor for those symptoms to appear and then step in to offer some relief.

We need something that will allow us to test a large group of people quickly to determine if anyone has been stung before they are dosed twice.

Associated research personnel are attempting to devise a system to test rooms of people for contact with illegal substances in a surreptitious manner.

Flatline Zombies

TCTF Case File 124A-E Flatline Zombies

CLOSED: Synopsis
Three years ago Syndicate technicians modified the programming in a popular sub-dermal transponder.

Every time the modified transponder was used it transmitted a signal that affected the victims' brain waves, making them susceptible to suggestions broadcast on the same frequency.

All the Syndicate had to do was call one of these victims, punch in a code and tell him what they wanted him to do. He would fall into a trance and obey.

We responded by broadcasting interference across broadband carrier waves and imposing significant restrictions on the use of sub-dermal transponders.

Agents assigned to the case registered the opinion that there might still be thousands of "untriggered" transponders still in active circulation.

Picasso Island

TCTF Case File 201A-G Picasso Island

CLOSED: Synopsis
Renegade scientist Bertram Navarre discovered a way to 'retask' cells, making it possible to reshape bodies without having to worry about organ integrity

One experiment consisted of successfully splitting the spinal column of a research subject by 'telling' the cells between the two severed halves to serve as nerve linkages.

Unfortunately, he was obsessed with seeing how far this discovery could be pushed and was prepared to perform ghastly experiments on human captives he had bought from the Syndicate.

Civilian refugees from a pleasure boat outing narrowly escaped mercenary pirates from Navarre's island laboratory and reached TCTF authorities.

A full-scale raid of his island facilities was mounted and the lab installations were destroyed, but Navarre's body was never recovered.


GENERAL ACCESS - Clearance Alpha A1>

TCTFsp09\fea\kP13 Known Syndicate Operatives>

The Syndicate enforcer known as Barabas first appeared two years ago. Previous to that time it is theorized that he was active as a Syndicate Striker or Elite class field agent.

Field reports of his activities include numerous accounts of his incredible physical strength and high durability as well as descriptions of some kind of regenerative effect.

These accounts remain unconfirmed and are most likely hysterical exaggeration and rumor.


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Processor Tower Beta Nine will be shut down for three days prior to and following the test of the second tier backup unit as ordered by the BioCrisis Subcommittee. Operations Control is concerned that a sudden increase in demand would tax the system beyond the buffer allowed by the engineering specifications.


The new systems modifications are designed to combat the steady rise in Class 3 atmospheric pollutants but the new parts have not been tested at full capacity. The second tier test will be followed by a test of the third tier, assuming everything goes according to plan.

Security procedures


In the past three weeks site security has been compromised a suspected seven times. As far as we can tell none of these incidents were serious but the trend indicates a lack of respect for procedure that could have serious repercussions.

All shift managers are instructed to stress the importance of security procedures and remind their crews that failure to comply with them will result in disciplinary action. Everyone must understand that the security of this facility is as important as our other day-to-day operations.



According to our data an inversion of the primary charge couplers would effectively reverse the charge in the toxin treatment subsystems rendering the ionization process useless.

As a result the Class 3 toxins we are most concerned about would pass through the system untreated. There is even a chance that the they would be charged as they passed through the coupler transforming them into Class 4 airborne toxins.


Needless to say the environmental damage in such an event would be catastrophic and irreversible. All crews must be aware of this danger and pay strict attention to the posted maintenance schedules and testing protocols.

Unexpected reroute



STATION 1 unexpected reroute at 08:23:16
reroute complete at 08:23:41

STATION 2 unexpected reroute at 08:25:46


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Containment zone

emchannel, 106.4, tra.init.@ 22:15:07:43

<->security substation 106 ->failure response teams

The unexpected detonation in Transformer Bay 203 @22:13:24:19 caused irrevocable damage to the control units for containment pools: 28.35.01/02/03

Localized failsafes have been initialized, and access to containment zone 28.25 is now restricted at nodes: 28.01/02

Personnel caught within the zone should attempt surge management via the breaker consoles above each containment pool.

This event has been categorized as Bio-Hazard Level 5, and Control has detached Failure Management Squad Bravo (cybernetic) to the affected zone.

The bots should be able to withstand hazards of this magnitude. But Bravo Leader has reported liminal systemic variance in his teams' core logic processors.

<-autoreply in progress

emchannel, 106.4, tra.end.@ 22:15:07:45

Airborne TCTF SWAT team

emchannel, 124.7, tra.init.@ 22:15:12:18
<-> security mainframe <->OVERRIDE

Failure Management Squad Bravo was lost before they could complete their mission. Containment zone 28.25 now has a 99.893% chance of going critical in less than 12 hours. As such, protocol EM-0017 is now in effect. A comprehensive news service blackout has been initiated, and Operations has ceded control of this facility to the TCTF.


An advance team of Airborne TCTF SWAT team has arrived. Additional teams are en route, ETA 00:02:45:12. During this time of crisis, Facility Management asks that all personnel extend the TCTF officers their complete and total cooperation.

emchannel, 124.7, tra.end.@ 22:15:12:20



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Terrance Griffin

Personnel File - Access Restricted by order of Tracy, Director TCTF

Re: Subject Terrance Griffin
Education: B4 Master of Criminology / A2 of Law
Honors: Directorate Commendation Commander, Technology Crimes Task Force
Honors: Bright Shield, Star of Valor
Terrance Griffin is a valued Agent who has devoted his entire life to the TCTF. He has been promoted a number of times, and still maintains reserve status on the Black Ops duty roster. It is with regret that I must inform you that he is now being considered for investigation by the Directorate for behavior that could pose significant risk to his command and region.

It has become clear that Commander Griffin is more concerned with results than due procedure, an outlook which has halted his once meteoric rise through the ranks. We at the Directorate have been willing to overlook his methods because he has done more to oppose the Syndicate than any other Agent in the TCTF, but we may not be able to turn a blind eye much longer.


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Project: 14 (1.3.51)
Subject: Status Update - Prime Daodan Symbiote 1B(h)

SLD remote analysis of the subject (ref. Hasegawa, Mai) indicates that she remains stable. We are maintaining latency with regular injections of Sytropin, but the dose has to be increased every 3 to 5 weeks to keep up with her bolstered resistance.

Project goals remain unclear: Commander Griffin seems content to stabilize the host/Daodan symbiote for as long as possible.

Subject: Status Update - Prime Daodan Symbiote 1B(h) [cont]

If she is intended as a contingency of some kind the team has recommended cryofreeze as an all around safer alternative to keeping the organism active and evolving, however slowly.

Senior researcher Kerr has been very vocal in his concerns about our treatment of the symbiote.

Team members are concerned that Kerr may suffer from an unprofessional attachment that may compromise his objectivity towards the program.

Chrysalis Removal

Project: 14 (9.1.28)
Subject: Chrysalis Removal - Prime Daodan Symbiote 1B(h)

Research Team C has failed to determine a way to reverse the Daodan implantation if the Host develops in an unwanted direction. There are two key reasons for this:

1) The Daodan technique subjects select cells to a hyper-evolutionary process before replanting them in the donor's body. The Daodan 'clone' grows inside the body of the donor, replacing the host's organs with its own hyper-evolved biomass.

Subject: Chrysalis Removal - Prime Daodan Symbiote 1B(h) [cont]

2) Professor Hasegawa's theory was that the Daodan Chrysalis would replace damaged or weakened biological systems in the host body as required, enabling humans to survive what he saw was an impending collapse of the Earth's biosphere. This leads to the first difficulty. Namely that the host organism's original organs are 'devoured' and replaced by those of the Chrysalis. The second difficulty arises from the nature of the Chrysalis itself: the organism possesses an unearthly ability to adapt to adverse stimuli.

Subject: Chrysalis Removal - Prime Daodan Symbiote 1B(h) [cont]

Attempts to perform invasive or exploratory surgery are met with near instantaneous mutation in the host organism, repairing skin and organ damage almost as it happens.

If we can communicate with the Chrysalis directly it may be possible to directly influence its physical development.

It is possible to overload the recuperative capacity of the Chrysalis, but doing so would prove fatal to the host body.

Subject: Chrysalis Removal - Prime Daodan Symbiote 1B(h) [cont]

We do hold out hope that an alternative treatment method may exist.

If we think of the mutated cells as a cancer we could theoretically attack the Chrysalis with the implantation of a second cell cluster modified to destroy the Chrysalis cells and possibly reverse the mutation they caused.

How the Daodan Chrysalis might respond to this threat to its existence, and what effect such a treatment might have on the host body remains unknown.


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Omega Security Vault Retrofit

<<Clearance Gamma S16 and Above Only>>

TCTFdb88\sld\zZ1 Update: Omega Security Vault Retrofit

Most of the modifications Commander Griffin asked for have been made, but none have been tested.

That type of android was never designed to operate this kind of system and the condition of the unit also made it difficult to initialize many of the primary subroutines.

TCTFdb88\sld\zZ1 Update: Omega Security Vault Retrofit

The slaver nodes installed could be overloaded if they receive conflicting input from the assembled control modules. What the Omega Vault would do if that happened is anybody's guess.

Shinatama/Konoko Relationship

<<Clearance Theta K12 and Above Only>>

TCTF32\sld\taL15 Shinatama/Konoko Relationship Analysis

Analysis of the remains of the Shinatama SLD gave us a new perspective on the bond between the android and the agent she was patterned after.

We have long suspected that SLDs might share some form of bond with their pattern donors: after analyzing Shinatama's engrammatic readouts we can now be sure.

TCTF32\sld\taL15 Shinatama/Konoko Relationship Analysis [cont]

State analysis suggests that Shinatama thought of Konoko as family, a sister.

Subconsciously Konoko might have realized this emotional connection and, as an orphan, fixated on this emotional bond.

In the last few days before she went offline Shinatama began falsifying her reports to Dr Kerr; downplaying the recession rate of the symbiote's latency.

TCTF32\sld\taL15 Shinatama/Konoko Relationship Analysis [cont]

This behavior alone is alarming in that it suggests an unprecedented degree of free will in the android, but it also portends something more chilling:

Konoko is closer to full transition than we ever suspected. Rough projections estimate that the Chrysalis will have infiltrated more than 80% of her body and will have replaced somewhere between 40 to 56% of her original organs.

We must hope that Konoko was destroyed when she fell into the biomatter disposal vats.

TCTF32\sld\taL15 Shinatama/Konoko Relationship Analysis [cont]

If not then she may be even closer to her final evolutionary stage: what form that might take, and what the presence of such a creature might portend for humanity we cannot know.

Extraordinary security measures

David Joost: Bungie's
director of sales.
(see below for Peter Tamte)
This message was sent with High Priority

To: Commander Griffin Cc: Comptroller P. Tamte
From: Capt. D. Joost
Subject: Re: Status of power substation repairs

All three internal security substations are now operational. However external building repairs will not be completed in time for system initialization. Until then, I suggest that we implement the following extraordinary security measures:

-Blast doors to remain engaged in locked state.

-Internal car park facilities closed. Traffic redirected to security kiosk A as per protocol Theta K12.

-External security patrols to remain in effect. Commander Griffin, I'm afraid we have to continue this program since the external surveillance equipment protecting your office and floor will not be ready by tomorrow as you requested.

I apologize for any inconvenience this repair process may cause you.

Capt. D. Joost
TCTF Security & Facilities

Rogue agent Konoko


Group: Security_12

Rogue agent Konoko has been identified as active and present in Sector 12 with probable motives of homicide and data theft.

Commander Griffin has relocated to security bunker Omega.

Escort all other non-tactical agents to their appropriate security bunkers.


Capt. D. Joost
TCTF Security & Facilities

Emergency overrides

Peter Tamte : Bungie's
executive vice-president.
(see above for David Joost)
This message was sent with Low Priority

To: Capt. D. Joost
From: P. Tamte, TCTF Comptroller
Subject: Re: Status of power substation repairs

I ran the numbers on the extra security measures you requested, and I'm afraid there's going to have to be some give and take.

Keep in mind that Security & Facilities is already way over-budget thanks to that remodel of Commander Griffin's office.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I always thought that elevator was a bit much.

In any event, I'll authorize the overtime to staff the additional sentries, etc.

"Emergency Override Griffin Alpha Zero.
Emergency Override... No! Stay back!"
...Griffin will kill him if he finds out

We will, however, need to cut costs in something systemic; mainframe cycles, for example. I'll advise Operations to suspend a few low-level emergency overrides. Let's say Alpha0 to Omicron15.

With all the other security routines you're implementing, there's really very little chance of any of these being called, wouldn't you agree?

P. Tamte, TCTF Comptroller


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Musashi Blast Doors

dwarf = low-security access
(as opposed to TITAN)
Possible reference to Myth
mtnc = mountain compound?

Incidence Report: Damage to loading bay tunnel Red.

At approximately 08:00:00 a collision occurred between parked vehicle APC12 and BGI vehicle #102472.

The impact forced the vehicles through the storm doors at Stop Point B.

The vehicles and debris were removed by 10:33:00. The driver (S. Uade, Green Division) suffered minor injuries.

Tunnels between SP1 and SP2
The truck takes tunnel Blue

Tunnel Red will remain closed until the installation of new blast door: model Musashi DX1000.


1) Stop Point A operators must coordinate Blue tunnel for two-way traffic.

2) Reprimand all personnel for sloppy operating behavior.

Musashi telling the Syndicate
to buy Musashi Blast Doors
How much did he pay the driver?

3) Replace all remaining doors with Musashi DX1000.

filed by: D.Musashi


TITAN = high-security access
(as opposed to dwarf)
mtnc = mountain compound?
dcs= data console?
Accessing Data Files...

Primary Stage:
1) Worldwide infiltration of Atmospheric Conversion Centers
2) Modification of ACC core filtration systems with smuggled parts
3) Remote satellite uplink/triggering systems installed: 417 regional processors on-line

<<<Primary Stage: COMPLETE>>>

STURMANDERUNG : Secondary Stage

Accessing Data Files...
TITAN = restricted access
dcs = data console?
Alignment is critical for low-orbit satelites
mtnc = mountain compound?
ssob = ???

Secondary Stage:
5) Low Orbit satellite control signal burrow established
6) STURMANDERUNG mountain compound construction
7) Daodan core technology (ref.TITAN\ssob)

<<<Secondary Stage: COMPLETE>>>

STURMANDERUNG baseline report: Dioxin levels

Actually, that's a (152 - 97)/97 = 56.70% increase
As for the (152 - 97)/152 = 36.18% ,
it would have been the decrease percentage
if the amount had gone down from 152 to 97ppm

Project initialization: 97 ppm

Primary stage: 100 ppm

Secondary stage: 152 ppm

36.18% increase

STURMANDERUNG : Tertiary Stage

This "..." character breaks the line
in the Eastern English version
Accessing Data Files...
TITAN = restricted access
dcs = data console?
uwlb = ???
mtnc = mountain compound?
Barabas and what army?

Tertiary Stage:
9) Daodan core technology (ref.TITAN\uwlb)
10) STURMANDERUNG mountain compound construction
11) Symbiote candidate selection and implantation

<<<Tertiary Stage: COMPLETE>>>

417 regional atmospheric processors on-line

15 group control stations on-line


This "..." character breaks the line
in the Eastern English version
Accessing Data Files...
TITAN = restricted access
dcs = data console?
point (2)
point (6)
point (10)???

Final Stage:
13) ACC installation modification COMPLETE
14) STURMANDERUNG mountain compound COMPLETE
15) STURMANDERUNG transmitter array COMPLETE

<<<Final Stage Complete: PENDING>>>

invalid STURMANDERUNG command

invalid STURMANDERUNG command

Welcome to STURMANDERUNG help.
Please choose from the following options:

1) Initialize
2) Test with current settings
3) Edit current settings
4) Abort current process


Current settings

Frequency: 1002 Amplitude: 233 Mode: 1

input>Frequency = 9999, Amplitude = 9999, Mode: 9999
Warning: value out of bounds

Warning: error encountered
Warning: charge overload detected
Abort process or press F1 for HELP

input>blam! love, little sister
invalid STURMANDERUNG command



Related : Speech Moves







Dash.................................tap W then hold W







Dash..................................tap P then hold P




Vertical jump............................SPACE BAR

Forward jump................W then SPACE BAR

Backward jump...............S then SPACE BAR

Left jump.......................A then SPACE BAR

Right jump.....................D then SPACE BAR


Hold down the SPACE BAR during your jump to increase its height.

Jumping to high or hidden places will often reveal useful items during your missions.




Creep............................................SHIFT then W,A,D,S

Somersault....................................W,A,D,S then SHIFT

Cartwheel back..............tap S and SHIFT simultaneously

Slide............................................SHIFT while dashing

Flip-jump.....................................SHIFT while jumping


The sound of creeping footsteps will not alert your opponents.

Use escape moves to evade multiple enemies and SUPER ATTACKS.

The slide and jump-flip are also useful attack moves.

The dashing jump-flip is the longest jump you can perform.



Punch...........................F, K, or LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

Kick..................C, COMMA, or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON

Your kicks and punches will vary depending on your movements. For example, the backward standing kick versus the backward running kick.

COMBOS are performed as you string attacks together, for example, PUNCH-PUNCH and PUNCH-PUNCH-KICK.

The most lethal attacks are released at the end of a COMBO.


Hit flashes occur when an attack is landed or blocked.

They indicate the current condition of the target:

  • Blue..........BLOCKED ATTACK
  • Green........................GOOD
  • Yellow........................FAIR
  • Orange......................POOR
  • Red.....................CRITICAL



To execute a throw, move forward into the body of your opponent and then press the punch or kick buttons.

Try performing these throws:
Stand behind your opponent and perform a KICK throw.
Run toward your opponent and perform a KICK throw.

You can take an armed opponent's weapon with a properly executed standing throw.



To block a normal attack, face your opponent and stand firm or retreat from him. Do not attempt to attack or side-step during the block.

Some attacks and combos are so strong that, even when blocked, they will temporarily stagger you.

You cannot block a SUPER ATTACK. Observe your enemies and you will soon recognize when they are about to execute one. In these cases, perform an escape move instead.

You cannot block while holding a 2-handed weapon.



Pick Up................................................................Q

Fire.........................................LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

Reload............................R (or LEFT MOUSE BUTTON)

Holster/Draw Weapon..........................................Q

Drop Weapon.......................................................E


Pick Up................................................................O

Fire.........................................LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

Reload............................R (or LEFT MOUSE BUTTON)

Holster/Draw Weapon..........................................O

Drop Weapon.......................................................[


Reload ballistic weapons with red ammunition clips.

Reload powered weapons with green energy cells.

Some weapons deliver a recoil when fired. The mouse can be used to compensate for this.

Holster your weapon before going into close combat to prevent becoming disarmed during the fight. Holstering your weapon also allows you to run more quickly.

Picking up a weapon when you already have one will cause you to exchange weapons.

You can only carry one weapon at a time.

Comlink popups

These are not consoles :
they pop up in CHAPTER 01 . TRIAL RUN

Notice the flashing HEALTH METER in your lower-right tactical display.

This meter drops whenever you are hit or fall. Don't let it reach zero!

If it does you will have lost your life and your mission.

However, you may restart at any of the SAVED GAME positions you reached before dying.


The flashing yellow arc on your lower-left tactical display indicates that you have a NEW OBJECTIVE (F1) and corresponding compass point.

You are heading toward it when the arc is at the top of the display.

As you approach it, the compass arc will widen.

The ARROW indicator inside the compass ring tells you whether the objective is above or below you.

Obstacles may be in your way, so a direct path is not always possible.