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Especially for articles which do not have a lede, a long Table Of Contents (TOC) can be visually unsettling -- "Hey, where's the article? There's just this long box!" Sometimes it's just the only right way to do things, as in Quotes/Speech. But for a more normal article like Daodan DLL, it would look bad if the article started after the TOC. Use this template to make the TOC a floating table, so that the article starts next to it, not below it.

Note that this template includes the magic word __TOC__, so it can also be used to reposition the TOC; if you don't intend to reposition it and just want it at its default location, that means you have to place this template between the lede (if there is one) and the first header in the article. Optional parameters:

  • "width" -- e.g., "300px" or "30%"
  • "limit" -- limits the TOC to a certain level of hierarchy; for instance, {{TOCfloat|limit=2}} would only show level 2 headers (==), keeping the table short.
  • "side" -- this is passed to the float property, so your only meaningful choices are "left" or "right" (default is "left")