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Posted By: chef
In Response To: Re: Quick question, somebody know this? (Mukade?) (Harry)

People with a Daodan Chrysalis inside them are "super predators" of sorts, so they are very aware of each other: imagine a tiger moving into another tiger's hunting grounds. Anybody who has ever been to the zoo can tell you that you always know when the tigers are about to make their entrance: tigers have a very distinctive odor that you can smell for miles.

Konoko's internal lines in that level were meant to show her own predatory response to the threat that Mukade presents. And when she ends up talking to Mukade he tries to get her to admit that she's feeling the "thrill of the hunt" and that the creature she is becoming likes to kill, but she denies it.
Still we all know how that level ends ;^>

: Hardy LeBel explained on this forum that he has a chrysalis too, so both Mukade and Konoko can sense each other.
 : Mukade has a highly developed Chrysalis so he's very experienced in it.
: -Harry