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> The Imago theory, upon reflection, brings up some unusual points.
> If the purest Imago state is acheived, then the Chrysilis has nothing more to adapt from.
> Does it simply die, or could it survive? If it lived, could it possibly be inserted with another Chrysilis?
> If so, then one must wonder at the monsters that may occur...

Hi Deadly Brain,

I'm paradox .. and like to talk to you about this daodan stuff. (Sorry for my bad English.)

Always I thought that daodan is nothing more than a auto-improving algorithm in genetic form ...
... and the end of development is a Imago.
The human being was transformed in "something different". His or her biomass is full of genetic upgrades.
Why should it die then? (I'm thinking it (the genetic code) would just go inactive.)
Or do you expected that the whole organism just die .. someway confusing.

I want to like hearing your version of the DC.

BTW, form which country you are? You said Chrysilis instead of Chrysalis (English/German) or Chrysalide (French).

I am from the USA. And what I meant was this: The chrysilis is not meant to operate on its own, it is meant to support another organism. With nothing left to support, there is nothing left for the chrysilis to do. Without its programed purpose, would it survive as an independant organism? Could it possibly be repeated, perhaps indefinitely?The Deadly Brain 19:15, 25 May 2007 (CEST)

Okay thx for your quick answer.
IMHO the original host is now totally build by chrysalis cells so I see it as an independent organism.
Further: more mutations can appear if there is a "reason" to again. (At least caused by a semi-strong physical or very strong psychical event.) Paradox-01 21:27, 25 May 2007 (CEST)

There would BE no reason. As far as the Chrysilis is concerned, the host is now invincible. The Deadly Brain 21:57, 25 May 2007 (CEST)