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Here is a collection of links to some of the Oni-related videos posted on YouTube. Also see YouTube's Oni - Topic channel, which automatically collects Oni videos (with some false positives from games/users that have similar names).


See Trailers for details on the Bungie trailers.

Public & TV footage

Documentaries and reviews

*These reviews are of the PS2 version, and consequently much more negative.

Intro and outro

See Intro and Outro for details on the two animated sequences.


A longplay or "Let's Play" is a complete playthrough which does not exploit engine glitches in order to skip portions of the game.

  • Let's Play Oni by egoroffie (2010). This smoothly-practiced playthrough of vanilla Oni on Hard mode – using the Ultra Mode cheat to add to the difficulty – spans 7.5 hours (excluding the extras), with high-energy live commentary from the player and his sister.
  • Oni Walkthrough (PC) by Darius320 (2011). A silent 5-hour playthrough on Hard difficulty by a very skilled player.
  • Let's Play Oni by Stratafyre (2012). This is a lighthearted look at Oni by a skilled player using post-commentary, running 4 hours.
  • Oni Let's Play Brutal Edition by DeathFrown (f.k.a. tens) (2013). This 6-hour no-commentary playthrough features Brutal AI, SMP-Conversion and other mods.
  • Oni AE - Gameplay by Tracker60 (2014). This 4-hour no-commentary playthrough uses 36 AE mods, listed in the opening "trailer" video. These include Brutal AI, SMP-Conversion and many cosmetic mods, and the game is played on Hard difficulty.
  • Let's Play Oni by veriax (2015). A 9.5 hour playthrough with lively commentary. The player is returning to the game after having beaten it many years before and has installed several light AE mods to tweak the experience a bit.
  • Let's Play Oni by (2019). 22.5 hours. Yes, really. This was a series of seven livestreams with a commentator and a player-commentator. The playthrough is slowed by lots of discussion between commentators and with the stream commenters, and the player is distracted and unfamiliar with the mechanics of the game. Definitely the playthrough with the highest death count; 146, according to their official counter. Towards the end of the game, the player uses cheats to help him finish.
  • Chill Playthrough: Oni by IntrovertedOwl (2021). The only PS2 playthrough in this list. Played on Hard by a first-time player! A focus is placed on exploring the melee combat system from a fighting game perspective. Runs for a total of 15 hours counting out-of-game chitchat and a post-game analysis; some unsuccessful attempts and retreads of the same areas have been edited out. No YouTube playlist, so here are all the parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
  • Let's Play Oni by berryjon (2022). This 6-hour playthrough uses subtitled commentary to take a more critical look at the game, with additional per-level essays HERE.
  • Oni by Magnificent Beard (2022). This 12-hour livestream with running commentary is a newcomer's very first experience with Oni. The player is a careful secret hunter who finds more goodies than most and notices the small details in the game. Frequent NSFW language when he gets overwhelmed by the game's difficulty.
  • Rediscovering Oni by silverfox (2023). A laidback 12.5-hour livestream with webcam and Twitch chat. The streamer revisits Oni twenty years after his last time playing the game.


The speedrun community for Oni only started in 2017; earlier speedruns were done by players such as Tracker in 2007 (1:51:17) and NMS in 2009 (1:11:48), but they were isolated efforts. Once the attention of experienced speedrunners was focused on finding the quickest paths through the game, they discovered some remarkable exploits in the game engine. Speedruns are organized into 3 categories based on the exploits allowed to be used: Classic, NMG and any%. The current world record (WR) is listed below for each category. Visit Oni's page for information and tools for performing your own run.


A "Classic" speedrun allows any glitch a player can exploit in the game without outside modification or Developer Mode. The glitches utilized include clipping through walls and preventing fall damage through "soft jumps". Cutscenes are not allowed to be skipped and the Training level must be played.


"NMG" means "No Major Glitches". Currently the only technique that's considered major is the "soft jump", a technique for taking no damage from a fall. Clipping through walls is still allowed. Cutscenes can be skipped (this is done via the Daodan DLL), as can the Training level, leading to a shorter play time than Classic.


"any%" is a traditional speedrunning term for "Any way you can complete the game, no matter how much you skip". In the Oni speedrunning community, it means that you can use the film-recording keys to fly and teleport through the levels. Cutscenes can be skipped, as can Training.

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Modding tutorials

Bugs and quirks

Vanilla content

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Tributes and jokes

Parkouring and music videos

Oni in alternate engines

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