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I remember two sniper scripts. One with prone mode and one with advanced zoom. Haven't found the second script so far. (A combined version would rock.) (Ahh, I forked the wrong function, zoom works and the other script is redundant now. ^^)
Here's a xvid (66 MB) made with script one. Something useful in there? How many seconds are needed? --Paradox-01 15:46, 15 August 2008 (CEST)
That footage is good, thank you 'dox. Do I understand that there is also a zoom function? I never got the mod to work, so I'm ignorant. If there is a zoom, I would only ask that you record another few kills that use the "scope", perhaps on another level to keep things interesting. Thanks. --Iritscen 18:04, 15 August 2008 (CEST)
To show off the sniper mode in detail you need 2 to 4 seconds; it can be part of a considerably longer sequence labeled "new gameplay". Here is a video I released a long time ago: . Not the best-looking variant because of the time it takes the engine to interpolate the mismatching elevation of the camera, but it should give you an idea of how to show off the key features: the crawling is so-so, but crouching or relocating sideways from prone to prone look nice enough. You'll probably want me to update the script to make the zooming transition look better, but I'm not sure when that'll happen: --geyser 18:26, 15 August 2008 (CEST)

Some zoom vids (76 MB) Let's say "first try" but still worth to take a look at it, imo. Will practice it bit more and try to record more zooms tomorrow. --Paradox-01 22:05, 15 August 2008 (CEST)
Hey, I really like those! I think that, unless there's something there that geyser's not happy with, that footage should be fine. It looks cool to me. I would prefer at this point if you could help with some of the other recordings, such as the ones I have trouble with (like the Mukade clones; the main problem with Loser's footage was the textures on the Mukades was messed up, and the mod's not working on my Mac yet). --Iritscen 22:50, 15 August 2008 (CEST)
Iritscen, I guess you either forgot to rebuild level12 or to replace the scripts with Loser's: as far as I can tell, the bundle is supposed to Just Work on a Mac.
I do have a few problems with Dox's latest scope footage: some things that will be settled later, and some that should be taken care of now so that the set of placeholder cuts is complete.
  1. My script is flawed in that the camera starts by zooming in and down at the player most of the time, which is awkward/anticlimatic/lame. I will definitely try and fix this, but for the time being you can just pick your cuts so that they capture only the moments when the camera seems to zoom straight ahead as intended. This (decent-looking zoom) typically occurs after you relocate (either creeping or prone-strafing) and then stop (when you creep/prone-strafe around, the scope is temporarily disabled, but the camera's elevation is not reset, hence later zoom transitions look better)... Also, the awkward "zoom-down" effect tends to be less awkward if you're aiming down from high places, and more awkward if you're using a male character (because the camera parameters are a compromise favoring Konoko). Like I said, I will try and fix the script Soon Enough, but for now just record some more and keep only the flawless-looking zooming scenes
    • Actually, I wasn't even going to show the part where the camera goes into sniper mode. I think just showing the actual sniping is perfectly explanatory and the "entry" part would just slow down the trailer. So don't worry about the camera movements for now.
  2. Dox's latest video leaves out prone, and even his previous video didn't show off sideways relocation (prone-strafing) and falling back into prone (which I think is cool). The typical scene I'd show is: a zoom view of a faraway enemy (maybe shooting at you), then you snap out of the crouch/prone, relocate sideways while aiming in the same direction, stop, zoom in and blam! BTW, don't finish off superhealthy enemies, because typically only have the time to show one shot per cut anyway... unless you show the footage at double speed, that is.
  3. As you can see, you're at the AI's mercy when prone, because their aim is quite good (usually you don't notice because the projectiles are slow and you keep dodging them): it does make a little sense, and maybe there's not much that needs fixing there, but - for the trailer just avoid being showered in plasma, otherwise it looks like by getting into prone mode you're taking lots of unnecessary damage, which is uncool ^_^
  4. The big room at the last savepoint of CHAPTER 08 . AN INNOCENT LIFE has some nice color and contrast (the Tankers make great targets, especially the one that looks like he's running for his life). And that Rooftops Fury rings a definite bell with Oni veterans, too. However, I must note that the scope was meant for considerably larger distances than the ones you're sniping from (in those environments and elsewhere): in my example, zoom-less Barabas was pixel-sized (of course, this is an extreme case that won't look good in the trailer at all). The problem I mean is that maybe the FOV is narrower than it has to be, and the aiming too sensitive as a result. Either we can reduce the maximum zoom ratio, or we can reduce the rate at which it increases, or you can practice and make your aim steadier ^_^, or you can aim as quickly as you can and keep only the lucky shots.
    • The point here is that people who watch the trailer will forgive the use of a sniper scope at close range (i.e. at a range where you don't actually need it) - they'll forgive that, but only if it looks like sniping with the scope comes naturally, i.e., if it doesn't look like using the scope makes the kill more of a struggle with the mouse than it would have been without the scope. So, go for lucky shots, and avoid using the scope at very short range, because then it's really hard to make an impressive kill.
  5. Now a short note on how much footage (how many cuts) are needed. I would say 2 cuts for the "mixed bag" at the start of the NOLTT music, then 2 different ones for the "new gameplay" section and maybe one more for the optional kaleidoscopic mixed-bag at the end. The first 2 ought to be expeditive (2 seconds overall), one of the cuts can even be entirely at full zoom ratio (but choose a nice enemy and background). The "main" 2 cuts can take longer (let's say 4 seconds overall): there you can "take your time" with relocating and aiming (e.g., if your target is doing something interesting). The timing of the extra cut for the ending won't matter because it will be sped up beyond all recognition anyway, just to make use of the accelerated zoom-blam effect in the kaleidoscope ^_^
Maybe I forgot to say something, but I don't think anyone will complain if I just stop here.
geyser 05:21, 16 August 2008 (CEST)

For steady aiming, try changing "gs_input_accel" Gumby

AFAIK, gs_input_accel has nothing to do with the mouse sensitivity. Rather, it defines the "sensitivity" of manual camera panning. --geyser 06:57, 16 August 2008 (CEST)

Filling in...

  1. zoom snipes only (if you mean zoom and shot by "expeditive" than these 2 second somehow too less time)
    1. static target and running target
    2. Konoko kneels and shots
  2. snipes after relocating
    1. relocating SWAT during hostile sniper fire (by coincidence ^_^) not exactly but quite: The typical scene I'd show is: a zoom view of a faraway enemy (maybe shooting at you), then you snap out of the crouch/prone, relocate sideways while aiming in the same direction, stop, zoom in and blam!
      it's captured in slow motion to make aiming easier (you can play it in double speed for the trailer, right? btw, maybe you add a "bullet time" function into the final script)
    2. relocating Konoko during hostile sniper fire
  3. extra cut
    1. .. hmmmmmm, let's see ..
  1. by expeditive I mean expeditive... what do you mean by "than these 2 second somehow too less time" ?
    1. Wait till I fix the script so that the zooming is more natural; and practice leading moving targets smoothly (reducing your mouse sensitivity in Windows will help)
    2. The awkward zooming is less awkward than it could have been, granted. Maybe do the magical respawning guys on ACC(exterior), SP2?
  2. in both cases you relocate "long" after you've zoomed out; it could be more exciting if you strafed/crept/rolled "directly" out of a zoomed view of an enemy shooting at you
    1. carousel is not half speed, so doubling the speed of your footage would give us footage slightly faster than normal; it's OK; as for bullet time: it's easy to include in any mod; it's a bit slow and "trivial" for the trailer...
    2. would be more impressive if he had a plasma rifle or a WMC, definitely
  3. just set up the above ideas and the others - the final recordings must be done with a fixed script, unless you scrap the zooming, which I don't think is a good idea.
    1. If you want an original-looking extra, you can play as a sniper and shoot an AI Konoko: one that's dashing to a console or flag - or one that's fighting against a bunch of enemies (in that case the scope should make you able to get a good view of the brawl and then take out Konoko when you get a clear shot or are feeling lucky).
geyser 02:14, 19 August 2008 (CEST)
  • expeditive doesn't exist but I now assume it means "fast". And that's my dilemma: I'm not a that fast sniper. Going into sniper mode, zoom, adjustment, shoot, impact - it's hard to get all in 2 seconds.
  • WMC and sniper is kinda a contradiction in terms but lets try. How about a red or grey suit for him?
  • Maybe do the magical respawning guys on ACC(exterior), SP2? Shapeshifters, right?
  • Playing as hostile sniper sounds promising. --Paradox-01 00:16, 20 August 2008 (CEST)