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Hacking & scripting community warehouse mod

Basically, attempt to use all of our knowledge and finally rebuild Oni the way it deserves. I belive even Bungie would done it, if they had a chance.

level0 dat/raw changes


level1 dat/raw changes


Level1 script changes



Sorry Geyser if this edit caused some problems. Also, anyone who wants to comment/add/criticise he can, only please don't delete my stuff and write at the beginning of Old brainstorming part.
  • We all know story of the first level. Griffin wants to test Konoko's abilities *on field*, so he sends her on quite an easy mission. But when Chung is found dead and Syndicate's armored truck attempts to escape, things starting to be more complicated than Griffin wanted and he is forced to let Konoko ivestigate further.
  • My story is similar but I am trying to make it more literature-like (altough I doubt its qualities ^_^'), not just background reason for beating thugs. So...
Training level (level 0)
Konoko's doing her daily exercise (training program will change a bit, no learning how to walk, run etc.). At the end, when last drones are defeated (in shooting range), Casey "surename" enters the room. Casey is Konoko's close friend since they were children, because he was the only one other person with same age as Konoko in the TCTF. But he isn't her boyfriend.

EDIT: This thing is derived from original message posted by some Bungie guy on the oldest forum. He said Casey was planned to be her boyfriend. END EDIT

He talks with her for a while (usage of *chr_wait_animtype* will make dialogue partially interactive eg you can decide between two possibilities). If Konoko talks with him in a right way via *chr_wait_animtypes*, he will tell Konoko that He's going to have his first mission-infiltration of some warehouse. Otherwise (bad choosing with *chr_wait_animtypes*) he will just make a short chat with her. At the end he challenges her for a practise fight.
=> If Konoko wins, she tells him a few words and then Griffin calls her to come to his office.Scene fades into Griffin's office, there are Griffin and some secretary. Konoko enters office (eg se enters camera view). She is talking with Griffin. She's told she's going to have her first mission, investigation of some warehouse. There is suspition of some hidden Syndicate goods.
=> If Konoko knows about Casey's mission, she will ask Griffin about it. Griffin seems inpatient, but he tells her that in fact her mission is the part of bigger assault aimed at hidden Syndicate supplies in some warehouses in Vansam city. Casey's going to "work" on another one. Then Konoko leaves and Griffin become angry. He calls for Casey and badmouth him for the leak of the information. Casey seems to be unhappy that he interfered with Griffin's plans. He apologizes. Griffin accepts it, but he is still in a bad mod. Casey is dismissed then. Griffin asks his secretary for the cup of coffe (secretary leaves) and calls for Kerr. Camera then fades into black but Kerr doesn't enter scene, so we see Griffin waiting for him. Training level ends.
=> If Konoko doesn't know about Casey's mission she is excited and she leaves. Griffin seems to be in a good mood. He tells something to his secretary and he walks out of the office (out of the camera view). Secretary then moves to the one of the computers, switches it on and she starts typing. Camera fades. Training level ends.
=> If Konoko loses Casey seems to be delighted. We can learn from his short talk with Konoko that in fact Konoko was always "one step ahead" eq. she was always better. Griffin calls for Konoko. Scene fades into Griffin's office, there are Griffin and some secretary. Konoko enters office (eg se enters camera view). She is talking with Griffin. At the beginning Griffin asks if something happened. Konoko doesn't know about anything important, but she mentions her training and loss with Casey. Things then go the same as if Konoko wins, same forking, only when Casey leaves (Konoko knows) or Konoko leaves (Konoko doesn't know) there is short passage when we can "read Griffin's thoughts". He stands for a while, thinking about possible influencies of something called Chrysalis. Then both scenes continue to the end of the level.
Trial run (level 1-Syndicate warehouse)
cutscene 1
Camera fades into Griffin's lab. We can see secretary, which leaves lab immediately, Griffin and Kerr. Player comes into arguement of those two. Kerr has doubts about Konoko going on her first mission alone. He suggets giving her some elite agent as it is usual. He highlights that Konoko hasn't been yet in a stressful situation, when she has to decide only on her own. Camera now changes its location, while Kerr still talks. Now we can see Konoko, wearing her blue cop uniform, walking in the street. There are many ordinary people, walking or standing in small groups. Kerr continues: More, obviously she hasn't used to the max powers of her established Chrysalis. Kerr is afraid this whole "trial run" thing will throw state of the Chrysalis off balance. Results can be fatal. Griffin starts his speech. Yes, he is too aware of possible risks. Camera goes back to the Griffin's office. Griffin continues: But there is nothing to be afraid of. Shinatama, SLD with neural bond to Konoko can monitor her all the time, so Griffin can react on any situation which can happen. Plus, there is Casey hidden in the warehouse "for all cases". Camera goes back to Konoko, which is now near the entrance (that one which leads to mirrored starting room and has no furniture) of the warehouse. Griffin continues: Goal of this mission is to see how will Konoko react on field and possible influences on the status of the Chrysalis. Kerr wishes good luck to Konoko, as she enters the warehouse. Door locks after a second and player takes control. Game begins.
cutscene 1 end
Mission objective 1 and possibilities of the solution

Old brainstorming

Here you can add what you want


Globally effective changes

  • edit some melee files for new experience (we are used to old patterns)

(Don't minimize the impact of scripting and exotic MELE/TRAC pairing. I wouldn't touch the "old" melee patterns without a very good reason. geyser)

  • edit some combat files for better AI behavior
  • edit some weapon files, add secondary fire mode (tribute to Geyser), make AI smarter with guns and against guns*

(Those two are complementary, and further complemented by level-and-ONCC-specific AI skills. Handle with care. geyser)

(In particular, secondary fire modes need to have consistent AI skill ID, for the AI to use appropriate fire rate etc. Every ONCC needs to be edited accordingly, which is a lot of work. And ONCC are not patch-friendly. Dunno. geyser)

  • flashy attacks again but this time better used particles (I hope)
  • maybe something else

 *try a little experiment: take A_t48 thug in EnvWarehouse and make him invincible. Then get w1_tap(Equalizer) or w2_sap(Black adder) and turn on superammo cheat. Now startle thug, don't shoot. Lead him to the side opposite of the locked door which leads out of the building. Now dash to the door (so there is big hole between you and thug) and start permanent fire. You will see that after second or two he begins to strafe and he's trying to hide behind corners and objects. If he's too close, he will attack you. Problem is that w1_tap and w2_sap are only guns with that effect. Against other ones he just run towards his death.

(Actually (see HERE), the weapons originally using that feature are w1_tap, w2_sap and w4_psm. The effect is harder to notice with w4_psm, because AI often get knocked down before they can dodge or run for cover. geyser)


Changes to level 1 binaries

  • edit characters ONCC files, add idle animations for some chars, health correction, some AI events (rotation, getups etc)

("correction", heh... not feeling too good about that, somehow... geyser)

  • mix few textures and models to create Casey Shanagan character (obstinately misspelling him, huh? geyser)

(I'd say Karen's head mesh, definitely, with a slightly modified female skeleton, upscaled. geyser)

  • edit thug TRAC so it will be Casey's TRAC. try to edit some thug TRAMs into Casey's unique fight style*

(You can handle Casey the same way as a boss, script-mixing anims from different TRAC, without changing anything to the binary. geyser)

  • TRAC game: Thugs will receive Comguy TRAC, Casey will receive changed Thug TRAC, Kojiro and his minions will have Ninja TRAC

(I'd say make it low priority. Unless it's not too time consuming, just leave it : we may have an animating pipeline Soon(TM). geyser)

  • edit character bina file in way I need (renamed characters, changed patrols, switched character classes etc.)
  • edit flag bina file in way I need
  • edit patrol paths bina file, again try to refresh game experience
  • edit some trigger volumes bina files in way I need(mainly positions)

(Those four : a) are most important for custom level logic; b) can be released as 100% PC/Mac-compatible OUP patches. High priority. Edit the RAW part, export from OUP, share. geyser)

  • edit some TXMPs and TXANs, try to create some moving monitors as it was in trailer

(Eye candy. Not too portable at the moment. Low priority. geyser)

  • probably all ^_-

 *I welcome any tips and hints for his moves.Please write them to Oni Central Forum. But remember: Those moves can't be as clean and perfect as original because I can only reverse hack them (I don't have Bungie's animation program). (We could be able to exchange Oni animation tracks with a semi-professional animating tool some time soon. Working on it. geyser)


Scripted level logic

  • this time totally rewritten, not just improved original

(Lots of non-linearities, I hope... geyser)

  • again holstering enemies, this time I hope that in combination with Combat.bina file hack it will be more useful

(There are pretty reliable ways to script that. How about a few practical code samples : a mini-script with one smart AI or two? geyser)

  • some boss fight surprises

(I have a few ideas in store : some of them I've already talked about on Oni Central Forum. Curious about yours. geyser)

  • again alternate routes

(Jetpacks, powersuits, and more generally slightly enhanced jumping could make new routes possible.. geyser)

(I'd reveal the 15 hidden doors. Either by scripting, or in binary (have to find the quads first...). Fixing the pathfinding grids would be great, too. geyser)

  • a bit rewritten story*, possibility of two alternate endings of this level, which can affect next level gameplay
  • through the level you will play as Konoko and as Casey(depends on situations)
  • something more???

 *For Geyser: I would like to talk only with you about this. I want this mod to be entertaining so players can't know all details now. Plus your sharp critics. :)

(PM/mail details, discuss more general ideas here. Honestly, the wiki isn't all that popular so far, and as for those who read it, a big SPOILER WARNING : DEVELOPER AREA should be dissuasive enough : if they want to enjoy the mod, they just won't read any further. geyser)

Overall, if this mod is successful (or ever made ^_^'), I will create another one of level two with alternate storylines (depends on ending of level 1). Long-time goal is to remake whole game :)

(Hey, that's what ONK is all about. Welcome on board. geyser)

Written by Loser 26th July 2006