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Casey is the name given by the fandom to the enigmatic red-haired man who appears in the intro movie, and on the fail screens of Act 1 and Act 2.

  • Hardy LeBel stated on the Oni Central Forum that he might have been a love interest of Konoko's in the storyline that had been written before he came onboard.
  • Fans have also speculated that he could be Griffin's son, an idea that was developed in the Joint Story written on the forum.
  • Another suggestion is that he is Karen's brother, but has no relation to Commander Terrance Griffin.
  • The first name "Casey" was first suggested by Seventeen Seconds (in the context of an graphic novel project). While discussing this character with Loser (a.k.a. andrashi), geyser came up with the family name "Shanahan". The idea was that he is of Irish descent. (Unlike Griffin)
Playable character
  • Casey was made into a playable character by Samer, and was given custom moves and various outfits. The mod can be discussed here


  • Prior developments of this character are due to Loser (a.k.a. andrashi) and geyser. They weren't as sophisticated as Samer's mod. HERE is an early screenshot.