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Commander Terrance Griffin


(Copied from Rockstar's official Oni page, and they might just have taken it from the manual in a lightly changed way.)

Regional Commander of the Technology Crimes Task Force. Currently on reserved status in the TCTF Black Ops duty roster.
As a Regional Commander, Griffin enjoys total control of the personal and equipment within his region.
A cunning and dogged leader, Griffin's enemies know that he will stop at nothing to maintain order and civil control.


Personnel File - Access Restricted by order of Tracy, Director TCTF

Re: Subject Terrance Griffin
Education: B4 Master of Criminology / A2 of Law
Honors: Directorate Commendation Commander, Technology Crimes Task Force
Honors: Bright Shield, Star of Valor
Terrance Griffin is a valued Agent who has devoted his entire life to the TCTF. He has been promoted a number of times, and still maintains reserve status on the Black Ops duty roster. It is with regret that I must inform you that he is now being considered for investigation by the Directorate for behavior that could pose significant risk to his command and region.

It has become clear that Commander Griffin is more concerned with results than due procedure, an outlook which has halted his once meteoric rise through the ranks. We at the Directorate have been willing to overlook his methods because he has done more to oppose the Syndicate than any other Agent in the TCTF, but we may not be able to turn a blind eye much longer.

Role in Oni

Mission objectives

Diary entry


Terrance Griffin
  • Chapter 12 : SINS OF THE FATHER
  • Chapter 13 : PHOENIX RISING
Omega Security Vault Retrofit
Extraordinary security measures
Rougue agent Konoko
Emergency overrides


  • Chapter 1: TRIAL RUN
Chung's Body
  • Chapter 2: ENGINES OF EVIL
  • Chapter 7: A FRIEND IN NEED
Out of control
  • Chapter 8: AN INNOCENT LIFE
Shinatama's death
Konoko has gone rogue
We'll be ready for her
  • Chapter 11 : DREAM DIVER
  • Chapter 13 : PHOENIX RISING
Omega Bunker
Griffin's fall
  • Chapter 14 : DAWN OF THE CHRYSALIS
Muro & Griffin & friends

Added value

During the course of the story, Griffin demonstrates a tyrannical personality in which he views Konoko as an asset, so long as she can be controlled. However, he was easily willing to attempt termination of her, as well as use her best friend Shinatama in a defensive matrix as a means to try and kill her. He generally is shown using various people as tools and weapons, and seems a perfect counterpart to Muro in the syndicate.

The odd characteristic that remains uncertain though, is why, assuming Mai chose to spare his life, did he manage to drop in to battle Muro & Friends with a TCTF strike team? Did he feel that he owed Konoko a debt for sparing his life? Did he feel a change of heart? He addresses Muro in one version of the final battle with the fact that Konoko is not alone. He engages in the battle, though his fate following the final battle is unknown.