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For a consideration of the events of the Cataclysm, see 12/3. For speculation on the aftermath, see Oni2:Aftermath. For a transcription of the credits in the outro, see Credits.

Below are a few representative frames of Oni's ending animated movie, created by AIC. There are details on the page of every image below, but the pages are not interlinked yet. The music underneath the animated sequence appears on the promotional CD as "Farewell", not clearly credited to Salvatori or O'Donnell or whoever. After the animated portion of the video ends, credits start rolling to the sounds of Power of Seven's "Trailer", blending into another version of "Farewell" and finally ending with a bonus track which plays this groove underneath varied character soundbites (note that this is the official audio for the credits, but the PS2 version has its own credits music). The final text displayed after the credits is a notification that cheats have been unlocked, and the player is informed of the "shapeshifter" cheat code.

When I blew the processors I bought us some time, but at a horrible cost. The dead and the dying now line the streets but it is impossible to deny the problem any longer. My father's work may prove to be the salvation of the afflicted after all. Mankind as we knew it is doomed: the Chrysalis will change us all. Let's hope it's for the better.


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