Crescent Moon Kick

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A double high kick followed by kicking gainer (gainers are also known as moon kicks).

We Don't Give The Crescent Moon Kick Nearly As Much Credit As It Deserves!
quarkmac (signature), on Oni Central Forum
Crescent Moon Kick and such
Oni Central Forum thread about real-life performance of the move
Sightings of the Crescent Moon Kick
At 9:49 in Oni Team Arena - Total Melee
Real-Life Gainer (AKA Moon Kick)
At 1:33 in this video

The Crescent Moon Kick is easily the most frustrating move in all of Oni. It's about as hard to perform consistently as the Twister Kick or Willow Kick, but unlike those other specials it comes at the end of a double-kick combo, which means one can't really improvise a Crescent Moon Kick against an incoming enemy in a natural-looking way. It is, however, a very satisfying alternative to the Spinning Sidekick (triple-kick).

Diary entry (supposed to be learned in CHAPTER 05 . HOT PURSUIT )
Hit Kick, Kick, then FORWARD + KICK. Knock enemies out of the air!
Words of wisdom from Iritscen
The diary states that this move is intended to attack an aerial target (an enemy performing a jump-kick), but the time it takes to prepare it makes it impossible to use as a reaction to a jump-kick. This might make the attack seem impractical, but in fact, with proper timing it can be a trusty part of your one-on-one fighting style. First, you must knock an enemy down. This is the point where you must learn proper timing. You should either begin the Crescent Moon Kick while he's still on his back, as he gets up, or as he begins to run at you, depending on his distance from you. With proper timing, the kicking back-flip will occur just as he either runs at you, leaps at you to execute a jump-kick, or slides at your feet. The Crescent Moon Kick will interrupt attacks at any altitude, even at your feet, and hurl the enemy backwards. Difficult to execute, yes, but sublimely satisfying when you pull it off.