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This is an overview of Oni's character data represented as a hierarchy of connected resources underneath ONCC. The "unnamed" files belong exclusively to a given ONCC or TRBS (sorta like private data), however duplicates can be detected and removed when the instance file is constructed.


This section shows the character-related resources as a hierarchy mostly stemming from ONCC plus a few additional resources with more modest hierarchies below that. The trees do show some file types that are technically General files, not Character files; see the § List for a stricter list of types classified as Character.

  • ONCC Oni Character Class
    • ONCV Oni Character Variant (for randomized/upgraded appearance)
    • ONCP Oni Character Particle Array (unnamed)
    • ONIA Oni Character Impact Array (unnamed)
    • TRBS Totoro Body Set
      • TRCM Totoro Quaternion Body (5 of them, one for each level of detail) (unnamed)
        • TRGA Totoro Quaternion Body Geometry Array (unnamed)
          • M3GM Geometry (19, one for each bone's mesh data) (unnamed)
            • PNTA 3D Point Array (3D vertices) (unnamed)
            • VCRA 3D Vector Array (vertex normals) (unnamed)
            • VCRA 3D Vector Array (face normals) (unnamed)
            • TXCA Texture Coordinate Array (UVs) (unnamed)
            • IDXA Index Array (triangles as strips) (unnamed)
            • IDXA Index Array (face assignment) (unnamed)
        • TRTA Totoro Quaternion Body Translation Array (unnamed)
        • TRIA Totoro Quaternion Body Index Array (unnamed)
    • TRMA Texture Map Array
      • TXMP Texture Map (19, one for each bone)
        • TXMP Texture Map (environment mapping, if any)
    • TXMP Texture Map (character's shadow)
    • CBPM Character Body Part Material (unnamed)
      • Mtrl Material (19 of those)
    • CBPI Character Body Part Impacts (unnamed)
      • Impt Impact Tree (3*19=57 of those; 3 for hit/blocked/killed)
    • TRAC Totoro Animation Collection
      • TRAC Totoro Animation Collection (inherited TRAC; either none or one)
      • TRAM Totoro Animation Sequence (specific animations; either none or many)
    • TRSC Screen (Aiming) Collection
      • TRAS Totoro Aiming Screen (one for standing, running, etc.)
        • TRAM Totoro Animation Sequence (set of keyframes for aiming screen)

  • ONVL Oni (Character) Variant List
    • ONCV Oni Character Variant

  • SABD Sound Animations Binary Data
    • ONCV Oni Character Variant
    • TRAM Totoro Animation Sequence
    • OSBD Sound Binary Data

  • ONWC Weapon Class
    • M3GM (embedded 3D mesh)
      • PNTA (points)
      • VCRA (vertex normals)
      • VCRA (face normals)
      • TXCA (texture coordinates)
      • IDXA (triangle strips)
      • IDXA (face normal indices)
      • TXMP (texture)


A stricter list of only what we have grouped under the Character family of file types.

Type Description
CBPI Character Body Part Impacts
CBPM Character Body Part Material
Impt Impact Tree
ONCC Character Class
ONCP Particle Array
ONCV Character Variant
ONIA Character Impact Array
ONVL Variant List
ONWC Weapon Class
SABD Sound Animations Binary Data
Type Description
TRAC Animation Collection
TRAM Animation Sequence
TRAS Aiming Screen
TRBS Body Set
TRCM Quaternion Body
TRGA Quaternion Body Geometry Array
TRIA Quaternion Body Index Array
TRMA Texture Map Array
TRSC Screen (Aiming) Collection
TRTA Quaternion Body Translation Array