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"You may want to check out Ghost in the Shell (more particularly "Stand Alone Complex") as Oni's most direct influence."

Another influence seems to be the anime mini series Burn Up W from 1996.

The first connection is Amanda Winn Lee who did voice acting for Oni (Konoko), Neon Genesis Evangelion movies (The End of Evangelion, Death and Rebirth) (Rei Ayanami), Burn Up W (Rio Kinezono).

First let's point out the NGE similarity. The giant anti android unit (El Heggunt) in Burn Up W looks exactly like NGE's Unit 01. There's no proof that Amanda somehow brought this influence into Burn Up W burn but as outsider it might make you think... (A bit of irony, maybe: The Heggunt failed badly to be of any use...)

Another but less important similarity: Keel's visor and the BUW's VR googles in aspect of design.

The influences of BUW in Oni are less obvious but numerous.

Here's a list, order by similarity:

  • Police HQ under attack by a solid van that crashes through the front entrance made of glass and metal frames
  • boss enemy in police HQ: "Wolfhead with his physical strength and endurance" [plus carries a Vulcan mini gun] resembles Barabas with his heavy gun
  • little pink haired, hacker girls: Lilica / Shinatama
  • plot around Chisato: reminds at first of Kerrin being killed but then the emotion part and reactions more similar to Kerr's death ("I kill them. I kill them all." vs 13_65_39 Konoko: "You'll pay for that! You'll all pay!") and Shinatama's death where the protagonist has a hard choice in killing or leaving alive the bad guy responsible for the murder
  • boyfriend: in Oni's intro and "mission failed" images there's a guy with brown, short hair, chef: "He might have been Konoko's boyfriend or something."
  • in ep. 1 the wannabe terrorists act as a smokescreen for the real crime going on in the hotel (comparewith Musahi Manufactoring and Vago Biotec) + team leader explains this / Konoko explains to Griffin that they are hunting ghosts
  • The way they explain mind control: the mysterious visor (mention above as second NGE ref) is used for mind control. Frequencies that affect the brain.
  • battle suit: NGE kids, Rio and Konoko wear all a flat back pack (also Konoko and Rio share proper chest armor)
  • helmet screen: police troops when hotel is surrounded in ep. 1 / TCTF lite
  • team leader refuse to retreat, attitude of Konoko when told to not follow Muro and Shinatama
  • virtual drug (only in Oni's manual you can read about "cyber drugs" (not appearing ingame), maybe that's where it came from) --paradox-01

I haven't seen Burn-Up W, but I wish I knew why geyser wrote that Stand Alone Complex could be Oni's most direct influence. If he's saying that SAC influenced Oni, that's quite impossible as SAC came out in 2002, and I can't imagine that Oni influenced SAC, if that's what he meant. --Iritscen (talk) 17:08, 24 January 2016 (CET)

Heh, I completely failed to see that. Maybe he meant it the other way around that Oni influenced SAC when it was still in the making. When did they start SAC? Dunno. But I also think that this isn't the case. --paradox-01 (talk) 18:43, 24 January 2016 (CET)