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*shrug* If you wanna stick with Iritscen's version, go ahead, but it's not detailed at all and, more to the point, we've already established based on his vids that he doesn't know how to fight.
The Mystery Man
For sake's sake, identify yourself. You can't make massive edits to a page without ever logging in or signing... Do you expect us to learn your IP by heart?
I did a so-called "rollback" because I had overlooked your penultimate edit, and overreacted to the outrageous last edit (content+comment) about the WMC.
I don't remember Iritscen posting any gameplay videos, but then again I don't have the slightest who you are. So much for your authority, Mr. Vidmaster...
geyser 03:06, 8 February 2008 (CET)
I may not know how to fight, but I also haven't posted any videos where I was in control of Konoko (the only vid I've posted was "Good vs. Evil 2.0.5"). The melee section of the Gameplay page was written in one sitting and was definitely looking for more input, so that is appreciated. Oh, and Mystery Man ( that was added by me, ROFL. geyser ), feel free to set up a username sometime soon. Using your board name is best. --Iritscen 18:21, 8 February 2008 (CET)
It's Ultimatum479, dur. I mentioned this in the thread about the GameFAQs page. And sorry, Iritscen, about the fighting thing; I was thinking of the video Gumby posted, not you. Oh, and what was so "outrageous" about the last edit? I added that, and he took it off without ever checking to see that I was right, so I put it back again.
U479 ( added by Geyser. Ulti )
I knew it was you even before I used your IP to look up your location and ISP (for the heck of it). And yes, I remotely remembered "something Kerr said".
But really, dude, you don't want us to remember you by IP and to know that it's you just because you mentioned it on the forums once. Log in and/or sign.
I was nearly certain you were confusing Iritscen with Gumby ^_^ As for the Wave Motion Cannon, I'm sorry, but it was never holsterable in Bungie's Oni.
We added a "Lite" version in the Edition, which I hope you noticed. It clones the original WMC, and wouldn't work if your original WMC was holsterable.
geyser 01:06, 9 February 2008 (CET)
.......Except I've _always_ been able to holster the WMC. I'm not using the Edition and I can holster it. (-.-) Maybe a difference between the Mac and Windows versions?
A difference between you and the rest of the world, I'm afraid. You can always send us [Oni/GameDataFolderZero/level0_Final/ONWCw11_ba1.oni] as "proof".
geyser 13:29, 9 February 2008 (CET)
Good thing I don't know how to edit those, then. :P Is that in the .dat, .raw, or .sep file?
You don't have to edit anything at all. The Edition splits your original files into .oni modules. You'll find the WMC at the location I gave you above.
It helps that you've never edited the binaries because we can be "sure" you didn't mod your WMC before uploading. There's another way to check, though.
I told you before: look for the cloned WMC in the Edition (F7 in dev mode). If it's there, then your original WMC matches the patch, i.e., it is normal.
geyser 03:37, 10 February 2008 (CET)
Dude. I'm not using the Edition. I don't like it. I've told you that. I'm using original Oni, which is why I'm asking if I should send the .dat, .raw, or .sep.
The ONWCw11_ba1 is in level0_Final.dat, but I don't advise you to send the whole multi-meg bitch. Haven't you kept a backup of the Edition's .oni files?
I have to say you're rather radical about the Edition. It's modular, for sake's sake... If you don't like a feature, no need to remove or diss the whole project.
You can either split your Oni again and give us the WMC's .oni file, or we can just forget about that holsterable WMC of yours, as in "s##t happens".
If you're really desperate, then definitely let us have the level0_Final.dat file. The time stamp will make it clear that it's Bungie's original WMC.
geyser 12:40, 10 February 2008 (CET)

..................(-.-) Oops. Okay. It's _not_ an unmodded level0_Final.dat. It's the modded binary I grabbed a long time ago to unlock all of Konoko's moves in every level. v_V I never knew it modded anything aside from the moves (cool), the Devilstar (not cool), the Superball Gun (*shrug*), and the damaging glass (interesting but way too high in damage). My apologies; I read the site and it mentioned nothing other than those features being changed, so I didn't think anything else _was_ changed. Ulti