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A few words from the masters

Meow :-3  Hey, wait, I didn't say that.

TXMPPOSTER3.png Iritscen, hapécat-in-chief

Don't listen to that guy.

TXMPBOSS2face.png geyser, syndicate accessory

This template is intended as a recurrent illustration of the "friendly rivalry" between the wiki's sysops.
The idea is to separate random/gratuitous humor from the more serious/informative parts of an article.
geyser started the trend on Help:Editing. Iritscen made the template. The rest is Sysop War History.
The informative content of such "advices" doesn't have to be 100% void, but it's a lot more fun if it is.
Also, the use of this template doesn't have to be based on a mutual agreement between the sysops.
Either sysop can edit what the other "says" if he thinks it makes the "advice" better (typically, tighter).
Moreover, it can be used by a third party without the contribution, consent or knowledge of either sysop.
We like to think that such a loose policy can keep this joke from getting old in any foreseeable future.