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This is a page designed to clear out the redlinked console pages from Special:Lonelypages. They're all transcluded in Quotes/Consoles, but apparently transcluding doesn't count as far as Orphaned pages is concerned. Most of them are not actually linked to from anywhere and never will be, and they're polluting the Orphaned pages list, so this is my solution. :-P

Quotes/Consoles/level 10a Quotes/Consoles/level 10b Quotes/Consoles/level 11a Quotes/Consoles/level 14a Quotes/Consoles/level 14b Quotes/Consoles/level 18a Quotes/Consoles/level 18b Quotes/Consoles/level 18c Quotes/Consoles/level 18d Quotes/Consoles/level 19d Quotes/Consoles/level 19e Quotes/Consoles/level 1a Quotes/Consoles/level 1b Quotes/Consoles/level 1c Quotes/Consoles/level 1d Quotes/Consoles/level 1e Quotes/Consoles/level 1f Quotes/Consoles/level 1g Quotes/Consoles/level 1h Quotes/Consoles/level 1i Quotes/Consoles/level 1j Quotes/Consoles/level 1k Quotes/Consoles/level 1l Quotes/Consoles/level 1m Quotes/Consoles/level 2a Quotes/Consoles/level 2b Quotes/Consoles/level 2c Quotes/Consoles/level 2d Quotes/Consoles/level 2e Quotes/Consoles/level 3a Quotes/Consoles/level 3b Quotes/Consoles/level 3c Quotes/Consoles/level 3d Quotes/Consoles/level 4a Quotes/Consoles/level 4b Quotes/Consoles/level 4c Quotes/Consoles/level 6a Quotes/Consoles/level 6b Quotes/Consoles/level 6c Quotes/Consoles/level 6d Quotes/Consoles/level 6e Quotes/Consoles/level 6f Quotes/Consoles/level 8a Quotes/Consoles/level 8b Quotes/Consoles/level 8c Quotes/Consoles/level 8d Quotes/Consoles/level 8e Quotes/Consoles/level 8f Quotes/Consoles/level 9a Quotes/Consoles/level 9b Quotes/Consoles/level 9c Quotes/Consoles/level 9d