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To use the "hover table" feature added to MediaWiki:Common, you have to directly invoke the classes "hovertable", "hovercell", and "hovertable_descrip" as shown in the markup behind the table below. Using the "hovercell embedded" class produces the barber-pole striping. The hover table was part of an abandoned approach to mapping out the relationship between Oni's resource types, and so it has not been refined. It also would help useability to create a template through which to invoke this feature.

Explanation of file type TxtC

60x20c.gif IGPA
60x20c.gif IGPG
60x20b.gif TSFF
60x20a.gif 60x20c.gif TSFL
60x20a.gif 60x20c.gif TSFT
60x20a.gif 60x20c.gif TSGA
60x20b.gif PSpc
60x20a.gif 60x20c.gif TXMP
60x20c.gif IGSA
60x20c.gif IGSt