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Link After a year and three months, I have resumed work on the website. Hopefully, I can remeber enough finish the Analysis and Secrets, though those should really be, and are, here. If I can find my old TXT files, I'll upload em all...

And...I seem to not have gotten much of it done... *sigh*


I haven't played Oni in a while, I forgot what scripts and HEX-edited things I had and ended up giving up trying to restore it (all me levels came out blank). I've forgotten most of the stuff, thank goodness for programming at school keeping me in tough with my FUNCs and VARs. Else i'd be totally lost into HTML and XML /CSS that I'd have no room left in my brain for um...actual coding? Scripting? whatever.

If you people ever check this, its not that I don't want to register on the new forums, I've tried several times, it just keeps giving me an error, something about timing out. Anyhow, don't expect anything from me anytime soon, but I'm feeling all nostalgic. I feel like opening up those *.BSL files and writing a new story script. I feel like running Un-Packer and making my own weapons. I can't do that anymore though. I have my obligations and deadlines to hold up both in life and the modding world (mod teams), as well as a community to please over at Star Wars Empire at War. I've never forgotten this game, Oni, and its lure - it dragged me into modding and into intrest in coding and programming. In a sense, this started my current career path. Ify ou ever manage to get those models exported, or if someone with 3D-Studio max would liek to model for me, I'd make a mod for that game, though its not the best engine, I'm wasting the space engine and the galactic map, but hey, I'd like to see the troops and heroes again. Maybe I can spark interst and make a squad-based FPS. Anyhow, good on this community for trying without mod tools. Makes it so only the most elite can produce high-quality mods. I haven't seen a n00b here yet ;)

Well, there's much I want to write, but hey, why right it if noone's going to read it? this is probably going to be buried under centuries of dust with noone to take a look at it.

I'll check back in a week or so, and that may be the last time. Not sure. Depending on what I feedback I get here.

Bye for now,

Your_Mom (What a fool I was choosing this name, I would much rather sign "D803" or "Droid #803" or even Unit-803 (Star wars thing)). Well, it goes to show how one changes.

Hm, what kind of feedback are you expecting?
I remember you, if that's what you're asking.
3D stuff might be exportable... Soon(TM).
But I tend to promise less rather than more.
Good to know you're not dead, anyway.
Weird how you can't register on the new Oni Central Forum
(looks like job for the Troubleshooter in Chief)
geyser 19:13, 12 February 2007 (CET)

That (^) would have done. Not gone and forgotten, might pick up modding this again. A great game, I want to go beat up some strikers again... Well, anyhow, I need a refresher as to what's new in the way of the BIP, or if it died or something. Same with OTA. I'll try registering again to see if it makes a difference...

Specifically, this is what it says:

An error was encountered Error: Could not connect to smtp host "" (60) (Operation timed out).

Thats two account names and two emails cigar. Apparently it creates the account, but it doesn't send me my confirmation email, therefore I can't login since I don't know my password... :(


Harry says you should try and register again.
geyser 01:43, 15 February 2007 (CET)
No can do for a thorough update on the projects...
Too busy working on them ^^ Public overviews are the way.
Basically, BIP and OTA are all part of ONK now.
They're not dead by any means. There's a lot of hot new OBD stuff.
However, there's no proper release apart from Loser's Warehouse Minus (beefed-up level0_Final)
OUP still can't patch DAT stuff in a user-friendly (cross-version-compatible) way.
But RAW stuff (BINA, TRAM tracks can very well be released as neat bundles).
Loser has released a few such things, but nothing close to a "release" ^^
(putting those together is probably more annoying than "experimenting")
Loser has done a lot of things apart from that: moveable furniture, much smarter AI...
but none of that has been relelased yet. Loser tries to cram it all into Warehouse Too
(unfortunately not in a modular and globally useful way, I'm afraid; we should talk)
As for OTA, I hate to say that I didn't release anything since the Dev Mode came out.
nothing but the pre-alpha of OTA2 that you had already seen.
I'm working on a completely new core, though. OTA3 or something.
Looks really cool, but unfortunately it's mostly in my head, so you can't really enjoy it ^^
I'm distilling primary features (interface) one by one, and actual gameplay is secondary ATM.
But it will be there. Will have to. I want OTA to totally rock by the end of the year.
(it's already praised as the best Oni script mod "evah" by independent critics... congrats ^^ )
EdT and you have really done a great job on that one... Thanks again, and welcome back...
geyser 01:43, 15 February 2007 (CET)

Affirmative, I'll try registering again...or...just sending that email to me :) EDIT: Worked :D

I'll just opt for a clean re-install of the game and hope it works again... Modding in the other community has died down for now, its hit a dead phase. So, mght as well [ick up work again here, unless I forget about it again (I'm absent-minded of thing's I'm not immediately aware of need of doing). If you're still in need of a porter, there might be something I can do, giving its not too complex...I hope I remeber which values to change... So a combined thing, nice. OTA was fun with BIP-improved fact, I found it the easy way of testing the changes, rather than just play through the level...

Good to be back, -Y_M