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Myth is a series of games started by Bungie: real time tactics in a fantasy setting. Along with Marathon, Myth is one of Bungie's classic (pre-Halo) series.

Bungie made the first game ("Myth: The Fallen Lords") and the second one ("Myth II: Soulblighter"). In a way that is not unusual for Bungie, there are multiple references to these games in Oni, from musical themes to quotes and other Easter eggs.

The third game ("Myth III: The Wolf Age"), was developed by Mumbo Jumbo for Take-Two, after the Microsoft purchase of Bungie in which Myth was acquired by T2; development was rushed and fans generally agree that the game did not fulfill its potential.

Unlike Oni, Myth was shipped with multiplayer and was mod-ready to begin with; Bungie also released some of their development tools. Later, the Myth II source was provided to some fans through an NDA with T2, which has allowed them to continuously maintain the game application and improve it down to the modern day, while maintaining compatibility with the Myth I and II game data. The current developer group is called Project Magma.

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