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CRSA : Corpse Array
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Overview @ Oni Stuff

The first image shows the header and the beginning of the first element. The second image the end of it.

Crsa a.gif

Crsa m.gif

Offset Type Raw Hex Value Description
0x000 res_id 01 35 02 00 565 00565-.CRSA
0x004 lev_id 01 00 00 06 3 level 3
0x008 char[12] AD DE dead unused
0x014 int32 11 00 00 00 17 number of "fixed" corpses
0x018 int32 11 00 00 00 17 number of "used" corpses
0x01C int32 14 00 00 00 20 array capacity; always the same in original Oni
First element (black outline)
0x000 char[32] _lvl_3_Intro_TCL_A_corpse.dat ignored; the name of the source file
0x020 int[32] runtime only
0x0A0 link 01 36 02 00 566 link to 00566-TCTF_lite_1.ONCC
0x0A4 matrix
C1 74 66 3F 00 78 3E 3D 45 AB DD 3E
A6 8B 7D 3D 19 73 7F BF EE 67 B0 BC
03 AE DC 3E 82 2C 3D 3D 8D B2 66 BF
C5 FA E7 41 2E 2B CB C1 58 B4 45 C1
0.900219 0.046501 0.432947
0.061901 -0.997850 0.021534
0.431015 0.0461850 -0.901162
28.997446 -25.396084 -12.356529
transform matrix for the pelvis (in world space)
0xD4-0x434 : transform matrices for the other 18 bones
0x434 AABB
D4 22 8C 41 95 50 E9 C1 BC 31 9C C1
75 E6 14 42 2E 20 B1 C1 07 B1 D3 C0
17.517006 -29.164347 -19.524284
37.225056 -22.140713 -6.615360
bounding box for the whole corpse
Array capacity
The array capacity is larger than the number of "fixed"/"used" corpses to allow the engine to store new corpses at runtime. "Fixed" means that those corpses are never overwritten/deleted at runtime, all new corpses are stored after the "fixed" ones. This means that "fixed" <= "used" <= "capacity".
Here is one of the few places where the bone count 19 is apparently hardcoded.
I.e., custom characters with weird bone counts won't work. See, e.g., TRIA
What's in a bone?
The transformation matrix (3D rotation/scale/shear/mirror and translation)
can be seen as four 3D vectors X, Y, Z, and R in world space.
If a bone mesh has a vertex at (x, y, z) in its native coordinates,
then the actual position of that vertex in the level will be R + x X + y Y + z Z
That's the transformation defined by the 3x4 transform matrix.

Reminder : the 2nd coordinate of X, Y, Z, and R is the height.

The script command make_corpse(filename) creates a separate corpse file in the Oni folder. The pose of this corpse is taken from the player character (the Dev Mode shortcut Ctrl+F7, "Play dead", would have come in handy here). The format is roughly as above. The contents of the files thus created can then be inserted as elements in a level's CRSA.

CONS << Other file types >> DOOR
CRSA : Corpse Array
Level file