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TRCM : Totoro Quaternion Body
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Trcm all.gif

Offset Type Raw Hex Value Description
0x00 res_id 01 0A 04 00 1034 01034-.TRCM
0x04 lev_id 01 00 00 06 3 level 3
0x08 int32 00 00 00 00 0 unused, 0 for most TRCM files, "dead" for the rest
0x0C int16 13 00 19 19 bodyparts
0x0E dead AD DE dead unused
0x10 char[64] Kon002_xlow.mme internal name of this file
0x50 int32 40 A3 9D 0E 0x0E9DA340 unused, overwritten at runtime
0x54 int32 C0 A3 9D 0E 0x0E9DA3C0 unused, overwritten at runtime
0x58 int32 E0 A4 9D 0E 0x0E9DA4E0 unused, overwritten at runtime
0x5C int32 01 0B 04 00 1035 link to 01035-.TRGA
0x60 int32 01 62 04 00 1122 link to 01122-.TRTA
0x64 int32 01 63 04 00 1123 link to 01123-.TRIA
0x68 char[24] AD DE dead unused

There are 19 bones per human body.

The index array specifies the hierarchy of the bones (basically a generic tree).

The translation array specifies the translation of every bone with respect to its parent.

Every translation is specified in the respective parent's local frame of coordinates.

Rotations are also specified in the local frame of every bone's respective parent.

The rotation is either a quaternion or a triplet of heading/pitch/banking angles.
In the latter case, "heading" is around x, "pitch" about y, and "banking" about z.

TRBS << Other file types >> TRGA
TRCM : Totoro Quaternion Body
Character file