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Should this be listed in a tree?

IE: Females->Konoko\Furies\Civilians Males->(Strikers->Elites-Barabus)\(Comguys->Ninjas->Mukade)\(Muro->Murzilla)\(TCTF->TCTF SWAT)\(Civilians->Thugs)

Gumby 07:52, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

<shrug> I like it alphabetically like it is now. --Iritscen 12:47, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

I just want to make sure you're aware of AE:Combat system. It's a previous attempt at documenting Loser's changes, and it's pretty thorough (not sure how thorough, and not sure how up-to-date). It also illustrates how many of the changes are universal or wide-ranging changes that aren't being made to just one enemy type. Do you intend to list these changes for each enemy type? --Iritscen 12:52, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Yes, he is aware of that ego-raising Loser's attempt. Why do you think he created this page? This is place where actual work will be discussed and created. This is place, where finally some good thoughts will be put in reality, not some weird guy's wishes, which then bother whole community but "there is nobody else who is doing this". NO. Combat system and animations will be done by community for community, not by weird comguys. Plus, ego-page-must-die. ^_^

For Gumby - alphabetical order is good enough I think. Maybe it could be divided into a tree according to TRAC inheriting, but that would be probably too messy. But I am writing it so you can try it, if you have time and if you want. Example (adopted from TRAC page):

konokocore : 536 anims

  • Shinzom : 6 anims (SHINZOM...) with tag 0x64 (1)
  • shinatama : 12 anims (SHINAT...) with tag 0x64
  • red : 100 anims (RED..., REDCOM..., RED..) with tag 0x64 (2)
  • konokolev1 : 70 anims (KONOKO..., KONCOM..., KONPIS...) with tag 0x64
    • konoko : 105 anims
      • gen_f : 7 anims (SECRET...) with tag 0x1E

strikercore : 400 anims

  • striker : 96 anims
    • TCTFswat : 23 anims (TCTF..., TCTCOM...) with tag 0x64
  • elite : 102 anims (ELITE..., ELICOM..., ELIPIS..., ELIRIF...) with tag 0x64 (3)
    • barabus : 8 anims (BARAB) with tag 0x64 (4)
  • ninja : 385 anims (NINJA..., NINCOM..., NINPIS..., NINRIF...) with tag 0x64 or 0x05 (5)
  • comguy : 312 anims
    • gen_m : no anims
    • doctor : 1 anim (DOClev14_Ambush01) with tag 0x32
    • security : 2 anims (SECURIlev11_intro, SECURIlev14_IntroTurn) with tag 0x32
    • griffin : 3 anims (GRIFIN...) with tag 0x34 (6)
    • thug : 22 anims (THUG..., THUCOM..., THUPIS...) with tag 0x14
    • Tanker : 237 anims (TANKER..., TANCOM..., TANPIS..., TANRIF...) with tag 0x64 or 0x384 (7)
    • muro : 55 anims (MURO..., MURCOM..., MURPIS...) with tag 0x64 or 0x32 (8)
      • mutantmuro : 38 anims (MUTCOM...) with tag 0x64 or 0x32 (9)
Yep, that's the tree
Your previous work wasn't bad (except the evil blam), just highly mysterious. :P Gumby 13:14, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

I'd just like to suggest that we discuss changes to the animations on this talk page. We could just copy whatever hierarchy or list that we use on that page over to here, and chat on this side. Things will get very cluttered otherwise. --Iritscen 13:18, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

What is the difference between a cluttered main page and a cluttered talk page? :) Gumby 13:24, 23 May 2009 (UTC)
Well, if our goal is to clearly present what changes have been made by the Edition, then we want to just list the actual changes. That way the page serves as documentation, and the talk page serves its usual purpose: discussion. --Iritscen 14:02, 23 May 2009 (UTC)