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It isn't much, and i don't have the time and equipment to polish it up, but it is a start.--LastmanSAC 14:44, 1 September 2007 (CEST)


Newspaper article reconstruction

The left column of this larger version of the newspaper article is totally readable (the text stops right where the fade to black occurs), but only a fraction of the right column can be read. Below we spell out exactly what can be seen of both columns, and then make a reconstruction attempt of the right column. Also see the verbal account of the event from Hasegawa in Chapter 11.


NEO TOKYO - A horrible scene unfolded yesterday
at the Fuji Region Wilderness Preserve. Jamie Kerr
Hasegawa, environment activist, top grad student,
mother of two was found dead. Her grief-stricken
husband, Prof. Hasegawa, is being held suspect for
murder or homicide. Officials from the Center for
Disease Control, however, attest that Hasegawa shot
his wife to give her a merciful death. Mrs. Haseg[a]wa
had apparently con[t]racted a new fatal viral infection
that caused complete cellular breakdown. Investigators
fail[ed] to identify the DNA trace of the virus which has
the CDC in a panic.

The Hasegawas had embarked on an unauthorized
investigation to uncover the truth behind the WPS
territories and the government’s supposed land

reclamation project. A[...]
they had gone into the [W?][...]
his wife brushed her [...]
of a flowering shru[b] [...]
Within minutes of [...]
little scratch bec[...]
into a large ulc[er] [...]
Hasegawa, the [w?][...]
scratch and l[e?][...]
Hasegawa ap[p?][...]
hour and w[a?][...]
wracked wi[...]
that the vi[...]
nervous [...]
internal [...]
Haseg[awa] [...]

reclamation project. According to Mr. Hasegawa,
they had gone into the Wilderness Preserve, where
his wife brushed her leg against a thorny branch
of a flowering shrub. They went on with no concern.
Within minutes of this incident, what started as a
little scratch became a swelling wound, then grew
into a large ulcer. According to the statement of Prof.
Hasegawa, the wound's infection spread out from the
scratch and lesions began forming from head to toe.
Hasegawa applied three hypos over the course of an
hour and waited for signs of recovery, but she was
wracked with agonizing pains instead. It seemed
that the virus was attacking even Mrs. Hasegawa's
nervous system, and she was unable to move. The
internal bleeding was visible through the skin. Prof.
Hasegawa stated that it was an unbearable scene.

Conspiracy theories

  • Can it be: such an article in a censored media? This techno-phobia might be one more ‘insurance’ that no civilians will explore the zones on their own anymore.
    If we think that way maybe someone other killed Jamie – not a virus but the TCTF or the rangers. Then Haseagawa’s file (in the state building) would be a fake.
    On the other hand Kerr would have told Konoko about this fake, wouldn’t he?
    In sum the article might be half true. It might be a virus and WCG dictated CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) what saying in public.

Paradox-01 16:34, 9 September 2007 (CEST)
Initials, initials... :)
WPS: WP = Wilderness Preserve, duh. S = Sector, whatever.
BTW, there is evidence that WPSs are areas around ACCs.
Possibly ambiguous, but still worth considering.
"The world outside the Atmospheric Processors is poisonous."
Does he mean right outside of these facilities?
Or anywhere outside the zones they are protecting?
geyser 21:36, 20 September 2007 (CEST)
There is a possibility about rangers. Stay tuned :)
geyser 21:36, 20 September 2007 (CEST)

  • [The virus was not playing the big role.]

possible sympathizer: WCG and/or Mukade
The "mercy kill" case thus has only one witness (Hasegawa) and no material evidence other than Hasegawa, the gun, and Jamie's body.
I seriously doubt that an expedition was sent to investigate on the scene where the shot allegedly took place.
I'm not stating or un-stating anything, but for all we know, Jamie may not have died in the Zone at all.
Why did peaceful activists have a gun anyway? Were they already at ease within their brand new role of "enemies of the state", and prepared to shoot/kill law enforcers :oo: ?
Were they expecting to meet some freakishly huge mutant hamster with freakishly huge teeth of death?
No, did Hasegawa take the gun "just in case"? What would that "case" be? The mercy kill just turned out to be such a "case", didn't it?
...I'm only rendering what could have been said in the tribunal, and I can't say I can clearly imagine Hasegawa's answers.


con: An autopsy should be enough to clarify the situation.
use: WCG tries to protect there dirty secrets in the zones. (No-TNZ-)Mukade tries to spread doubts in Konoko, it's psychological warfare.

  • [A natural virus.] It might be a virus but WCG dictated CDC what saying in public.

possible sympathizer: Hasegawa and/or Traton
pro: The WCG used the accident to legitimate there system once more.
con: Jamie and Hasegawa went into the zones to prove the "dirty secrets of the government".
pro: "dirty secrets" might mean more than a mysterious virus. And maybe both, WCG and the Hasegawas, didn't expect such a thing in the zones.
use: However, also Traton could try to revive (actually not prove) and use this theory. That how he could bring the people onto his side and put pressure onto the WCG.

  • [A natural virus.] It might be a self-disintegrating virus. Idea from: Investigators fail to identify the DNA trace of the virus

possible sympathizer: Hasegawa
pro: There wasn't any useful DNA(/RNA) traces.
con: When there weren't traces how they could said "it's a virus" ?
pro: The symptoms (infection) spread over Jamie's body.
use: Hasegawa needs this to say stuff like "we are all doomed because WCG didn't do something against this"

  • [An artificial virus.] Insider said it was a foreign menace to WCG; an announced accident. They played down the event by not mentioning the dead rangers there lying around.

possible sympathizer: unknown
pro: It's an freaky killer virus, why it don't went into an epidemic? It was controlled, the military origin is obviously.
pro: There wasn't any useful DNA(/RNA) traces ...
notes: ... so they could never create a vaccine. It's perfect as new biological weapon.
con: There's less than good evidence for this thought.
pro: Of course there're no ...
use: [just an idea so far]

Paradox-01 16:29, 4 January 2008 (CET)

  • Hmph, don't forget non-viral pathogens, e.g., toxins.
Maybe (re)read Crichton's "Andromeda" for a few ideas.
geyser 23:30, 5 January 2008 (CET)
You seem very happy about this. Why not saying clearly what you like to have changed?
About Crichton's "Andromeda": I read a synopsis found a similarity: There's an micro organism based on a crystal structure, it can use any form of energy, that's something I have in mind for RS but know I feel more and more unsure about it.
But talking about organism: the screamers are still unexplained, maybe this killed Jamie.
BTW, here is a funny piece from Hardy.
Paradox-01 16:03, 6 January 2008 (CET)
The "hmph" was nothing specific or "very happy", really ^_^
I just noticed you were focusing on viruses and only on them.
There are "toxins" mentioned in Oni in the BioCrisis context.
And that's all there was to that "hmph". Take it easy, man. Peace.
That said, I'm not sure I understand all of the pro/con talk above.
(sometimes your grammar is way too approximate, but mostly it's OK)
Screamers are a nice guess, implying that Hasegawa lied ^_^
However, Oni's Screamers typically don't infect the victim.
So if it was a Screamer, it had to be a really vicious one.
geyser 21:42, 6 January 2008 (CET)
Hm(ph), Hardy's take on Screamers is really interesting.
I'm not too hot for a lengthy "road warrior" plot:
  • it would remind of many other postapocalyptic setups: Blame!, MadMax, etc etc
  • the Daodan warlords (and supervillains more generally) would trivialize the Daodan
(pretty much like your Traton does in RS: generally speaking, supervillains suck)
But the phase veil... nice. As you know, I sorta came up with it independently
(of course in my world the Screamers would not be "evil"; just misunderstood)
I'm surprised he didn't describe the Daodan as originating from "beyond the veil".
geyser 21:52, 6 January 2008 (CET)

Mission complete...

Instead of a virus/toxin, I decided to use a plant/fungus symbiosis (mycorrhiza) as Jamie's death cause. paradox-01 (talk) 20:06, 15 June 2014 (CEST)