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The following text is intended for use on Oni's Discord server. A moderator on the server will paste this into the Dyno bot's Custom Commands page, and then anyone can use the "./onifact" command to randomly select an Oni-related fact to print out. Anyone can suggest facts for the list below (each fact needs to end with a ';' except the last one). The size limit for a custom command is supposedly 2,000 characters, although the current text is over 2K bytes and seems to be working in Dyno.

{choose:About half of the soundtrack was composed by Power of Seven and the other half by Marty O'Donnell.;
Oni takes place in 2032, 20 years after the World Coalition Government annexed 80% of the world's nations.;
Konoko's Chrysalis was implanted at age seven.;
Konoko's battle armor has a stenciled 07 on its back in the intro movie.;
A broken mirror means 7 years of bad luck.;
It takes fourteen days to grow an SLD.;
The word "oni" is commonly translated "demon", but is usually depicted as an ogre-like creature.;
Oni's Project Lead believed "oni" to mean "ghost", and intended it to be the game's codename, inspired by "Ghost in the Shell".;
Oni was intended to be the codename for the game. An actual working title for Oni at one point was Mnemonic Shadow, referring to Konoko's suppressed memories in the early draft of the story.;
Konoko's name can be translated as "this child".;
The name of Barabas' Wave Motion Cannon is an in-joke referencing the fictitious weapon of the same name in Marathon.;
The original story for Oni had Konoko's real name as Mai Takamatsu.;
The Atmospheric Conversion Center was originally an electric plant during development.;
The Atmospheric Conversion Center is underground beneath the city, which is why Konoko uses a glider to drop into the ACC from above in Chapter 7.;
A screenshot from Oni's development lists Konoko's age as 23, her height as 5'5", and her weight as 125 lbs.;
Oni's expected release date slipped by about 15 months.;
Planned features for Oni included multiplayer, radiosity lighting, real-time IK physics, water physics, real-time shadows, movable objects and destructible environments. The AI was intended to be able to work in groups, call for help, and progress through various emotional states such as wariness and fear. Some of these features were actually implemented and then cut due to poor performance or lack of time to polish them.;
A sequel to Oni was in development for two years before being canceled.}