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Blam! Oni crashed

Damn! The best I can do for now is a link to a very useful thread on Oni Central Forum

And to Script10000's page.

Patches for Win XP


Other patches


Nvidia cards...

They have a special issue with OpenGL (solution submitted by LouisRouet) :

  • The problem tends to be that these Nvidia cards run too many OpenGL extensions for the old OpenGL games.
  • You need to create a new profile in your 'application profiles' specifically for Oni
    (go display control panel > settings > advanced > [graphics card name] tab > performance and quality settings).
  • Then select the Medal of Honor active profile, where it says modify profile u can save a new copy ... as say "Oni"
  • Then you will note that one of the options for this profile is that the extension limit is on - THIS is the important one (ensure that it is ON).
  • Apply this profile. Then click the modify profile button again and select modify..
  • deselect all the MOH apps and then browse to find your Oni app and select it (remember that it has to be ticked) and press OK.
  • Now apply this profile, and hopefully Oni now works

No textures

Driver issue...

Major lag

Often an ATI issue More, later...