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This is a series of new characters intended for use in adding the entity BGI to the game, developed by Samer. They include either completely new concepts or concepts based on the ideas discussed in AE:BGI. They all share a common color scheme of white, black, and different shades of green/teal. All the playable characters have customized movesets and green contrails and hit impacts.

BGI Executives

  • First concept by geyser is found here.
  • In Samer's version these are non-fighting characters, wearing suits and rarely seen in the field, if ever.
  • They run BGI, working behind the scenes on grand scales.

Oni%25202012-10-13%252003-23-54-54_cr.jpg 2012-10-13_032154.jpg


  • Female BGI boss working directly under the Executives' orders.
  • More information on the character can be found by clicking on her name.
  • Mod available here.


BGI Agents

  • These were previously considered the Executives, however in Samer's version these are called the BGI Agents and they are field agents, the equivalent of the Syndicate Comm Trooper.
  • These guys usually accompany Sarai as her henchmen; they are strong and quick in addition to being highly technologically skilled and experts in weapons.
  • The characters' design is inspired/influenced by The Matrix's Agents.
  • Mod available here.

2013-04-03_111405.jpg 2013-04-03_111414.jpg

BGI Hammer

  • This giant cyborg has shock generators at the end of his arms, making contact with his punch almost lethal. His techniques include shockwaves and electrical attacks.
  • The character concept was first mentioned by Leus here.
    (A major influence of the concept was Marvel's Rhino (c.f. [1])
  • The model and textures are made by Ltemplar.
  • Mod available here.


BGI Hydra

  • This female SLD is based on Sarai and would share some of her moveset. Her legs have been mechanically and technologically enhanced giving her the ability to jump high and deliver high damage with kick attacks. Her moveset would include all kick moves, and throws utilizing her legs, with no punches. She would be very fast and agile, but would have low health. She would be considered relatively common, similar to how common furies and tankers are to the Syndicate.
  • The character concept was first mentioned by Leus here.
  • The design of the character took inspiration from Hikari.
  • Mod discussion here.


BGI NinjaBot

  • A light and quick BGI Bot.
  • Model imported by Samer, original model found HERE and HERE.
    (Later identified as an Accretian Warrior from the MMORPG RF Online.)
  • He has a custom TRAC (mix of Ninja's and Training Droid's (Comguy) moves).
  • Mod available here.


BGI Heavy Bot

  • The general idea of a "BGI heavy" is by geyser, discussed here.
  • Model imported by geyser (from an unsourced SketchUp model)
    (Years later, it was identified as Widowmaker from UT2004)
  • Textures and UV map correction were done by Ltemplar.
  • Custom TRAC and slight texture modifications by Samer.
  • This character was originally referred to as BGI Trooper but this was changed to BGI Heavy Bot, making the BGI Trooper an armored form of BGI Agent.
  • Mod available here.