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Vago was a night-time level earlier in Oni's development.

A company that conducts bioresearch. Owner of the laboratory complex that the Syndicate invades in Chapter 3 "to steal experimental gene surgery equipment". This level's consoles have information on SLDs, implying a likely connection between Vago and that technology.

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The Vago building complex is sizeable, consisting of:

  • A gate leading to a courtyard where Konoko first fights Barabas.
  • Two three-story buildings flanking the courtyard.
    • The "western" building, the one which we get to explore, is a research lab where each floor is divided into two wings.
  • A large building with a foyer for receiving visitors, and four floors connected by an elevator and staircases.
  • Bio-matter disposal vats surrounded by three levels of walkways. These are connected to a rear loading dock.

Added value

Bio-corrosive liquid vats

SLDs are fabricated with synthetic materials. But since Vago also researches genome alteration equipment, it might be that they want to replace more and more SLD parts with biological tissue. They need the corrosive disposal vats to recycle their failed prototypes.

Muro goes last-minute shopping

The raid on Vago happens late in his Sturmanderung plan, probably because it's connected to step 11, one of the final steps. The gene surgery equipment might be needed to make the selected implantation candidates compatible enough to host a Daodan Chrysalis.

Muro's motive

Muro didn't just obtain data and equipment, he also let his Strikers kill all the scientists. When he saw what they were working on he might have realized that he could upgrade the Tanker SLDs in the future, creating something even better: Daodan-droids. Likely he used the opportunity to eliminate potential competition. However it could be argued that this is just a rationalization of his actions and instead he killed the scientists for some sadistic fun. Then again Muro should be smart enough to realize Vago's true value. After all, he led the mission himself.