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You must make contact with TCTF operative Chung who has been investigating this warehouse for Syndicate activity.

Hint: Pay attention to the gameplay hints that will appear on screen throughout the level.

Chung is dead. Griffin has ordered you to keep investigating. Try to find the warehouse manager and get some answers.

Hint: Chung's datapad contains records of illegal activity here. Special objects like this are often useful later.

The warehouse manager believes that Syndicate agents are about to leave the facility with an armored truck. Commander Griffin has ordered Shinatama to coordinate your operation with a TCTF assault team. In the meantime, find the truck.

Hint: Locate the truck in the main cargo bay, and Shinatama will direct you from there.

The armored truck here must be the one the warehouse manager mentioned. With the evidence you've uncovered, Commander Griffin has authorized a TCTF team to seize the facility. You must detain the Syndicate and their contraband until the assault team arrives.

Hint: You can't break into the armored truck, but the crane here could be used to stop it from getting away.


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Begin your search of Musashi Manufacturing. Look carefully for any evidence of illegal Syndicate activity.

Hint: Most security doors in the plant are controlled by remote consoles.

Make your way to the manufacturing wing. If the Syndicate really is using this facility for assembling illegal technology that's where you'll find some hard evidence.

Hint: The plant is divided into two main sections connected by a flyway in the foyer.

Avoid the automatic laser defenses, and keep moving. Musashi Manufacturing wouldn't have set up this much security unless it had something to hide.

Hint: If a turret can't see you, it will stop firing, and then reset itself.

The Syndicate have activated this facility's Deadly Brain! Despite the considerable hazards involved, you must shut it down. Who knows what damage that thing could cause if it gains access to an external information node!

Hint: Please refer to the TCTF manual, Chapter 356.21.1: "Combating the Deadly Brain."


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It's the Syndicate enforcer Barabas! You must defeat him to gain access to the Research Facility. TCTF reports indicate that Barabas is inhumanly strong and tough. Watch him carefully. Eyewitnesses report he can regenerate damage to his body!

Hint: Search nearby bodies for useful equipment.

Muro and his Strikers have invaded this lab to steal experimental gene surgery equipment. TCTF rescue teams can't enter the building until the main gate and front foyer doors are opened. The controls are located in the Security Tower at the center of the lab. Make your way upwards through the building, and access the tower through the doors on the roof.

Hint: Syndicate troops are attacking the research staff. Rescued scientists may have equipment to help you.

It looks like Syndicate troops have locked down all the floors in this wing of the lab. Surveillance scans indicate that teams of Strikers are now sweeping every floor and killing scientists. Stop them if you can!

Hint: Try to outmaneuver foes when outnumbered.

Make your way across the roof and get to the top of the Security Control Tower. Once the tower is secure TCTF officers can storm the lobby.

Hint: There are unidentified types of Syndicate operatives participating in this attack!

The Syndicate Bomb Trooper disabled the lab's security sub-systems. But, thanks to you, a small group of TCTF officers has made it into the lobby. Syndicate forces still hold the upper floors of the building and are guarding the skyway over to the loading bays. Clear out the upper floors, and find the control consoles to unlock the upper passageway.

Hint: Lookout - this could be a trap!

Muro and his men are loading their stolen technology on the rear loading dock. Find them and stop them!

Hint: Don't fall into the vats of bio-corrosive liquid!


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Muro plans to escape by plane while Syndicate troops attack the airport as a diversion!

Hint: Some civilians can offer you help. Try to keep them alive.

The Syndicate have destroyed the cargo bay access ramps. Find an alternate route.

Hint: Syndicate troops now control the runways. Move carefully.

Muro has locked the access doors to the Repair Hangar. You'll have to find a way to unlock them to continue your pursuit.

Hint: In a heavily guarded area, stealth may be your best option.


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Muro's men are using the Repair Hangars as a temporary base of operations. Find Muro before his men are finished loading his personal transport plane.

Hint: With all these crates of electronics around, keep an eye out for useful new items.

Beware! Syndicate troops are protecting the entrance to the hangars.

Hint: Your enemies may be carrying heavy weapons; stay on your toes!

Muro has split his men into two groups to better cover his escape. Chase Muro across the hangar's rooftops. Or try to cut him off from below by working your way through the heart of the hangars. Either way, keep Muro from reaching his plane!

Hint: Both the high road and the low road have hidden rewards. Explore each path completely.

You need a way to get to Muro's transport plane. Search the facility's offices for a Rappelling Harness.

Hint: Check each office carefully for hidden areas.

Reach the roof of the Repair Hangar to use the Rappelling Harness.

Hint: Watch out for patrolling guards.


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Syndicate forces have stormed TCTF Headquarters during the graveyard shift. A skeleton crew of TCTF agents are present, but they are outnumbered by the Syndicate attackers. Find a way to reach the upper floors and reinforce your teammates!

Hint: You will need to unlock the security doors to get access to the stairwells.

Main stairwell access granted. Ascend quickly, but carefully!

Hint: Help your fellow TCTF officers and they will help you.

Shinatama has been kidnapped by Syndicate troops and they're headed for the roof! Find them before they escape.

Hint: The way up may be fiercely contested, or disabled. Search the area to rescue civilians who might help you.

The elevator has been sabotaged. Use the welder's laser torch to circumvent the damaged elevator.

Hint: Follow your compass to the proper location.

Barabas is close by with Shinatama. Stop him and rescue Shinatama

Hint: No time to lose. Go now!


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Shinatama is being held somewhere below. Find a way down and rescue her.

Hint: Be sure to search the facility high and low for powerups.

You have reached the power grid that provides energy for the rest of the processing center. Find a way across it to save Shinatama.

Hint: The power grid carries a dangerous current that needs to be modified or interrupted before it can be crossed safely.

Shinatama was taken through the generator rooms recently. This may be a trap, be careful!

Hint: The generator equipment can deliver quite a shock if you're caught beneath its energy discharge.


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Shinatama is close by and in tremendous pain. Rescue her!

Hint: Use the power equipment to mask your movements and try to lure opponents away from each other.

There's nothing you can do to save Shinatama. Clear the blast zone ASAP!

Hint: There's no turning back! Run through the blast door above you for protection from the explosion.

Shinatama is gone. Her self-destruct command was broadcast from the control center in TCTF Regional HQ, and they must have known you were within the blast radius. Whatever secrets Muro was trying to learn from Shinatama, Griffin didn't want you to find out either. There's no one left to trust. Shinatama gave her life to buy you time to escape: don't let your thirst for vengeance negate her sacrifice. Now get going!

Hint: The center's data consoles access useful information, and its workers can help you operate equipment.

Shinatama's detonation has disabled the control mechanisms for the containment pools in the treatment room. Make your way past the electrical spikes and vats of poisonous contaminants!

Hint: You can try to outrun the spikes, or try to shut them off via their breaker consoles.

Directly above you is the main access line to the center's ventilation system. You may be able to make your escape past one of the system's inactive turbines.

Hint: Save the other technicians corralled by the Syndicate, and they may reward you.


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Shinatama claimed your real name is Mai Hasegawa. To find out the truth you must access the Regional State Building's data archives. The archives can only be unlocked from the Security Command Center on the roof. Find control consoles that will unlock the higher floors of the building, and work your way up. A Syndicate ninja is also moving through the building. His trail of victims has alerted TCTF security forces all over the facility.

Hint: Use cover and stealth to overcome the TCTF security forces.

The control console in the Security Command Center on the roof will unlock the doors to the basement archives. Keep looking for consoles that grant access to the higher levels.

Hint: The civilian workers in the building have been warned that you were coming. Only a few will dare to speak with you.

Find and activate the three control consoles that will unlock the doors to the roof.

Hint: TCTF security forces have deployed snipers at strategic points around the building and on the roof above you.

Make your way back downstairs to the Data Archives in the basement. TCTF Black Ops Troopers are now guarding key chokepoints in the building.

Hint: Use the layout of the building to your advantage.

Muro's master ninja, Mukade, has removed the Hasegawa records from the data archives! You must find him, and retrieve the Data Disk that holds the clues to your past.

Hint: There may be a way to disable the static defenses in the high security office building next door.


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Mukade, Muro's master ninja, is escaping with the files you need. You must hunt him down if you are to learn the truth about your past.

Hint: Rooftops are not designed for easy traversal. Watch your step!

Mukade has escaped once again! Find a way to pursue him.

Hint: You might be able to use the zip-line he left behind for his comrade.

Mukade is within sight - close in for the kill.

Hint: Ninjas are elusive and dangerous. Keep your eyes open for enemies and powerups.


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Muro? Here?! This can't be real...or can it? Find a way out of this place, whatever it is.

Griffin too?! Curiouser and curiouser...


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Find your uncle, Dr. Kerr, and neutralize the Black Ops team guarding him.

Hint: Don't let any of the TCTF guards use the alarm consoles: they'll summon more security forces!

Activate the three power generators for Doctor Kerr's Daodan Probe.

Hint: Black Ops response teams are monitoring power output. They will investigate unexpected power spikes!

You must reach the bio-matter disposal vats. It's a crazy plan, but it's your only hope!

Hint: Black Ops troopers are sweeping the building behind you. Keep moving forward! Your Daodan Chrysalis might let you survive diving into the acid pools, but only if you can clear the grinding machines!

Activate the Roof Crane to swing clear of the grinder.

Hint: Don't get killed before you "kill" yourself.


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Griffin has escaped. To get answers you'll have to hunt him down.

Hint: All TCTF units have been alerted to your presence. Beware of ambushes in areas that give them an advantage.

To reach Griffin in his Omega Vault, you will have to disable the building's defenses.

Hint: The defenses are controlled by a central Security Spine which is powered by 3 substations.

You've disabled the power substations! You may now pass the static defenses between you and Griffin. However, you'll need to unlock the Omega Vault first.

Hint: The consoles that control the Omega Vault locks are located throughout the lower levels of the building.

Access to basement granted. Descend quickly!

Hint: No time to lose. Go now!

Kill Griffin or walk away. The choice is yours.

Hint: Often the best demonstration of strength is mercy. Choose carefully!


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Infiltrate the Mountain Compound, and unearth Muro's machinations.

Hint: You won't last long if you don't help yourself to the Syndicate's best weaponry and supplies.

You have entered the compound. Now you must find a way to access its secure computer core.

Hint: Data consoles throughout the stronghold will provide you with the necessary clues.

An armored truck has arrived just in time for you to hijack it.

Hint: You'll need to find the keys to drive it.

This is the heart of the Sturmanderung Megacomputer. Access its sub-nodes to learn the details of Muro's master plan.

Hint: The sub-node data consoles are located in the rooms that flank the main computer chamber.

You have found a possible weakness in Muro's plan. If the Sturmanderung Pulse can be activated before all the orbital transmitters are aligned, some of the Atmospheric Conversion Centers will survive.

Hint: The transmitter array can only be reprogrammed from its local control station. Find it, and go to work!

You've disrupted Muro's plans, but you must still face him in combat.

Hint: Now your own Daodan-enhanced combat skills will be truly tested.

Muro has achieved the next level of Daodan evolution: the Imago stage. Muro's Daodan powers make him invulnerable, but having only just evolved he has limited energy reserves. You can hurt him when his energy is drained.

Hint: Your destiny is to stand alone.