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onisplit commands

-extract:txt <target directory> <filenames> Rips all SUBT as .txt into target folder from source .dat or .oni
-create:subt <target directory> <filename> Creates a SUBT .oni file in target folder from a .txt file
no asterisk (*) in the file name allowed

general information

  • SUBT files are stored inside AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/level0_Final.dat
  • You can't use other files, only these two:
    • SUBTmessages.oni (contains some autoprompt lines for ONGS)
    • SUBTsubtitles.oni
      • Subtitles show up when corresponding sounds get played via bsl command "sound_dialog_play" and "sound_dialog_play_block"

BSL support: messages

command description example
message keyword [time] sends a message from the subtitle file message begin_fight 240
message_remove [keyword] removes a currently displayed message message_remove c01_50_23 message_remove
ui_suppress_prompt suppresses UI prompting about new objectives or moves ui_suppress_prompt = 1

file structure

Each line has following element:


Example from SUBTmessages:

xmouse=To change your orientation, [c.move the mouse].

Optional color formating, it starts with "[" and ends with "]":

b. (blue)
c. (cyan)
g. (green)
l. (lila)
o. (orange)
r. (red)
u. (umber)
y. (yellow)

missing dialogue lines

Some of Shinatama's talk in the training level is missing. Iritscen added those lines to the Speech page.