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SUBT : Subtitle Array
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General information

  • SUBT files are global, stored in level0_Final.dat.
  • There are only these two files, the use of which is hardcoded, so you can't add other SUBT files:
    • SUBTmessages.oni: Autoprompt lines looked up by ONGS and messages used for training the player in Chapters 0 and 1.
    • SUBTsubtitles.oni: Dialogue lines which appear when the corresponding sounds are played via the BSL commands "sound_dialog_play" and "sound_dialog_play_block".

OniSplit commands

-extract:txt <target directory> <SUBTfilename.oni>

Rips a SUBT as .txt into the target folder from source .dat or .oni.

-create:subt <target directory> <SUBTfilename.txt>

Creates a SUBT .oni file in the target folder from a .txt file.

Displaying messages

Command Description Example
message keyword [time] Sends a message from the subtitle file. message begin_fight 240
message_remove [keyword] Removes a currently displayed message. message_remove c01_50_23 message_remove
ui_suppress_prompt Suppresses UI prompts about new objectives or moves. ui_suppress_prompt = 1

File structure

Each line has the following layout:


Example from SUBTmessages:

xmouse=To change your orientation, [c.move the mouse].

Color formatting tokens, enclosed in "[ ]":

b. (blue)
c. (cyan)
g. (green)
l. (lavender)
o. (orange)
r. (red)
u. (umber)
y. (yellow)

Missing dialogue lines

Most of Shinatama's lines in the training level were never subtitled, so you won't find them in SUBTsubtitles. Iritscen transcribed those lines (00_01_35 through 00_01_90) from the audio on the Chapter 0 section of the Quotes/Speech page.