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HAPéKAT, Oni's very own Happy MasKot

Xenotron is a family of fonts designed in 1995 by Cornelis "Kees" Gajentaan, a video games artist and Happy Mascot hunter. His font was used in Oni, most notably in splashscreens, but also in some in-game 2D art ("STAIRS" signs, "DC" decals...).

Xenotron was released under a "thankware" license, but Kees is not credited or mentioned in "Special Thanks" in the Credits, meaning that whoever brought this font to Bungie West either claimed authorship or got the font from a font repository and didn't bother looking up the author.

Original font links
Xenotron and Xenotron Broadstroke (archived)
Xenotron Radio Edit (archived)
Mirrored collection
Xenotron archive of all three typefaces

Other cool stuff by Kees
FunTower project (for Times Square; archived)
Other Artwork (other projects; the JavaScript for the "Other Artwork" portfolio is broken, unfortunately -- there was some cool stuff there)
Special mention for FunTower
It's a "vertical city" concept made of seven modular halls of seven floors each.
Unfortunately, the 3D data is unavailable... But the concept lives on, sorta ^_^