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Like most games, Oni comes with a range of cheat codes. The most famous of these is "shapeshifter", featured in the end credits, which allows playthroughs as other characters. This cheat is considered to be the biggest contribution to vanilla Oni's replayability (in other words, before installing mods with the Anniversary Edition).


When playing the Mac or Windows version of Oni, you are required to finish the game in order to unlock cheats, but the cheats can also be unlocked prematurely by editing the save-game file. However, if you have the Daodan DLL installed in Windows, or are using an Intel Mac build of Oni, cheats will be unlocked even when the game has not been beaten. (Note that the Anniversary Edition automatically installs the Daodan DLL in Windows and the Intel build on Macs.)

While playing a game, press F1 (or whatever is bound to "pausescreen") and type one or more of the following (the confirmation message will appear if done correctly).

Note that there are also additional cheats added by the Daodan DLL (see here) and the Intel Mac build of Oni (see here).

Input sequence Confirmation message Effect Persists on level load Scripting equivalent
shapeshifter Change Characters Enabled/Disabled While playing, press F8 to cycle forwards or Shift+F8 to go backwards YES chr_set_class(0, ONCC_name); (3)
liveforever Invincibility Enabled/Disabled Konoko takes no melee, weapon or falling damage NO invincible=1; / invincible=0; (1)
touchofdeath Omnipotence Enabled/Disabled Konoko kills enemies in a single hit NO omnipotent=1; / omnipotent=0;
canttouchthis Unstoppable Enabled/Disabled Konoko can't be stunned, thrown, knocked down or blown up NO unstoppable=1; / unstoppable=0; (1)
fatloot Fat Loot Received Player's quantity of ammo and hypos is set to max chr_givepowerup / give_powerup (1)
glassworld Glass Furniture Enabled/Disabled Makes most objects breakable with gunfire or shockwaves YES p3_furniture_breakable=1; / p3_furniture_breakable=0;
winlevel Instantly Win Level Level is won upon exit of the pause screen win (2)
loselevel Instantly Lose Level Level is lost upon exit of the pause screen lose (2)
bighead Big Head Enabled/Disabled Everybody's head is 4 times its normal size NO chr_big_head=1; / chr_big_head=0;
minime Mini Mode Enabled/Disabled Player's size is 0.25 times normal NO chr_mini_me=1; / chr_mini_me=0;
superammo Super Ammo Mode Enabled/Disabled Player's guns are always full with ammo NO
thedayismine Developer Mode Enabled/Disabled Toggles Developer Mode (requires Daodan DLL to enable in Windows) YES
reservoirdogs Last Man Standing Enabled/Disabled AIs fight amongst themselves YES
roughjustice Gatling Guns Enabled/Disabled Player's guns fire X times faster YES
chenille Daodan Power Enabled/Disabled Player gets permanent Daodan glow and boss shield NO chr_super(0, 1); chr_super(0, 0); (2)
behemoth Godzilla Mode Enabled/Disabled Player is (roughly) double-sized NO chr_mini_me=1; / chr_mini_me=0;
elderrune Regeneration Enabled/Disabled Konoko regenerates at the rate of 1 HP/sec YES
moonshadow Phase Cloak Enabled/Disabled Player gets a permanent Phase Cloak NO give_powerup(invis, -1);
give_powerup(invis, 1);
munitionfrenzy Weapons Locker Created All weapons appear at the player's feet for 15 secs
fistsoflegend Fists Of Legend Enabled/Disabled Konoko's combat moves knock enemies back NO
killmequick Ultra Mode Enabled/Disabled AIs don't pause between combos (a little tougher) YES chr_ultra_mode (4)
carousel Slow Motion Enabled/Disabled Permanent slow motion NO slowmo (5)


Effect description
Lime cheat applies to any character you chr_focus to (via scripting). When you chr_focus to another, the effect stays with the old one.
Fuchsia cheat applies to Konoko even if you chr_focus to another character
White cheat isn't player-character-specific
Scripting equivalent
Black no equivalent available
White exact equivalent and that's it
Fuchsia script only works for Konoko, use chr_focus and cheats for other characters
Lime script given works for Konoko, but other characters (whether you chr_focus to them or not) can be done too
Yellow no exact equivalent, extra work required

Tips to scripters

Scripting equivalents

(1) Use the chr_invincible and chr_unstoppable modifiers for generic characters.
(2) The generic chr_super modifier is the only way. Only a few characters (Konoko, Muro) have Daodan glow particles.
As for the boss shield, chr_boss_shield can only give it to a character (no way to take it away)
(3) Entering an incorrect class/ONCC name will cause Oni to crash.
(1) You can use either of the generic give_powerup and chr_givepowerup modifiers.
  • give_powerup usage :
    • first two arguments are powerup type and amount (optional)
    • The third argument is the character's ID (0 by default)
  • chr_givepowerup usage :
    • first argument is the character's name or script ID (required)
  • problem with reproducing the fatloot effect :
    • fatloot fills up hypos, ammos and cells to a maximum of 6
    • generally, you don't know how many of those the player already has
  • solution (if you really want to mimic fatloot exactly) :
    • take away all the player's powerups, the only way to do this being to clear the inventory, e.g. chr_inv_reset(0)
    • then use e.g. chr_givepowerup(0, hypo, 6) etc.
(2) The engine does not actually call win or lose here.
  • So you can not gain 2 custom cheats by redefining win and lose.
(3) You can use either of the generic give_powerup and chr_givepowerup modifiers (see above).
  • moonshadow is the same as taking the Phase Cloak away then doing e.g. chr_givepowerup(0, invis, -1).
  • problem with reproducing the moonshadow effect :
    • generally, you don't know how much Phase Cloak the character already has
  • solution (if you really want to mimic moonshadow exactly) :
    • drain the player's Phase Cloak with the built-in begin_cutscene(); end_cutscene(); (only affects the player)
    • or somehow make sure the character has no phase cloak
    • then use e.g. chr_givepowerup(0, invis, -1)
(4) You must use the generic chr_ultra_mode modifier on every character you want to be "ultra".
  • it doesn't seem to have any visible effect though, so don't bother :)
(5) You can use the slowmo command, or play with draw_every_frame and draw_every_frame_multiple.
  • The scripted slowmo doesn't have a permanent effect : slowmo(300) gives you 300 frames (5 seconds) of slowmo.
  • Extra work is required to make it last (implemented in Oni Menu, no wiki page yet).

Cheat watching

  • liveforever, canttouchthis and touchofdeath can be detected at runtime by custom scripts.
  • One can then ignore the cheat or trigger a custom event (kill or hurt the cheater, etc, etc).
  • glassworld and bighead are directly detectable too
  • shapeshifter is indirectly detectable by anim watching
  • minime and behemoth are not detectable
  • Other cheats like fatloot, chenille, munitionfrenzy and moonshadow can only be made useless, not detected.

Tips to gamers


  • chenille gives you the visual effect of Daodan overpower, but your combat moves don't deal extra damage.
  • To really stay in Daodan overpower forever, use elderrune, then use a hypo at full health.
  • Overpower drains at the rate of 1 hitpoint per second, which is exactly compensated by elderrune.
  • You're then virtually frozen in real overpower, as long as you don't get hurt. You must get down to normal health to take another hypo.

PlayStation 2

The PS2 version of the game does not need to be beaten in order to unlock cheats. To enter a cheat, start playing the game, press the SELECT button and highlight the HELP button. Then press one of the following button sequences (you'll hear a sound if you did it correctly). You'll notice that the first 6 inputs are always the same "master code" of L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢.

Compared to the PC cheat code table above with its 22 cheats, there are only 11 cheat codes below. Missing are carousel, canttouchthis, chenille, elderrune, glassworld, killmequick, loselevel, munitionfrenzy, reservoirdogs, roughjustice and thedayismine. That last absence means no Developer Mode, but how would you use the developer console anyway? However, some Dev Mode features such as camera controls are actually available if you have the means to patch the game. See Oni (PlayStation 2)#Patches for more info on that as well as a no-movies patch.

Effect Input Sequence PC Equivalent
Change The Character L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, L2, L2, L2, L2...
(continue hitting L2 to cycle characters)
One Shot One Kill L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, L3, R3, ◯, ▢ touchofdeath
Unlimited Health L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, R3, L3, R3, ◯ liveforever
Extra Powerful Punches And Kicks L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, R3, L3, ◯, ▢ fistsoflegend
Small Konoko L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, L3, R3, ▢, ◯ minime
Unlimited Phase Cloak L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, L1, R3, L2, L3 moonshadow
Big Head Mode L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, START, ▢, ◯, START bighead
Unlimited Ammo L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, L2, L2, L1, L3 superammo
Huge Konoko L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, R3, ▢, ◯, L3 behemoth
Maximum Ammo/Hypos L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, ◯, ◯, ◯, R3 fatloot
Instant Level Completion L2, L1, L2, ▢, ◯, ▢, L3, R3, L2, L1 winlevel