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Communications officers are Syndicate troops with advanced technical training. They are known as "Comguys" for short, a nickname found in the game's assets (e.g. TXMPCOMGUYtalking). Unlike the rest of Muro's troops, they do not display color differentiation. They will sometimes wear goggles or tabi boots/greaves, as well as additional chest armor straps. They communicate using a radio device mounted in their right shoulderplate.


In Chapter 1, a Comguy runs to an alarm console when hit. In Chapter 2 and Chapter 5, they start running as soon as they see Konoko. Also in Chapter 5, an ambushed Comguy with a VDG pistol guards a door-unlocking console. In Chapter 10, an ambushed Comguy guards a hidden hypo spray.

Muro's right-hand Comguy

Given the name "Kojiro" by fans, this character distinguishes himself from some other Comguys by wearing goggles. When escaping from Vago Biotech with Muro in Chapter 3, he offers to kill Konoko but is asked to monitor her instead (revealing the results of that monitoring in Chapter 5's outro). After Muro learns of Shinatama's existence and guesses at her role, this Comguy is ordered to "tell Barabas to retrieve [her]". He apparently then coordinates Barabas' raid on the TCTF HQ in Chapter 6, culminating in the kidnapping of Shinatama.

He may also be the Comguy who accompanies Muro at the Atmospheric Conversion Center, both during Shinatama's torture (Chapter 7) and during Muro's escape (Chapter 8) – however, at this point he does not speak or wear the same distinctive goggles as earlier. (It is also worth noting that Konoko can confront and kill several goggle-wearing Comguys during the game.)

When Muro is encountered for the final battle (in the spared-Griffin scenario), he is only accompanied by Furies and Elites – although there is the preceding STURMANDERUNG console with a (goggle-less) Comguy guarding it.

Taunts and fighting style

None of the Comguys faced in-game have ninja skills (despite the tabi boots and greaves). Their fighting style is the same as that of all generic males, favoring leg sweeps and dodging. Apart from simple punches and kicks, Comguys have a "super punch" technique which, unlike their generic counterparts, has a particle effect and a "Static Fist!" voiceover. They don't have a crowd-clearing move (although there is an unused "Radio Saber!" voiceover suggesting an additional special move that wasn't finished) and they hardly ever use their throwing skills. Their basic taunt is "You're weak!", with a rare easter egg variant "OK, OK, don't frog blast the vent core..." (the Comguys were voiced by Doug Zartman, who also voiced the BOBs in Marathon).

Added value

One theory is that the Comguys are affiliated with Mukade and the Ninjas rather than with Muro and his Strikers. Thus they are expert hackers and/or assassins, and part of a technocratic elite, perhaps in the best position for Daodan Chrysalis implantation along with a few "pets" of Muro's.