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Kojiro is the unofficial name applied by fans to a Communications Trooper associated with Muro in the first half of Oni (apparently his right-hand man). It can be implied from the dialogue that he is a confident marksman and/or fighter, as well as a highly skilled hacker and communications expert. The fact that he co-leads the raid on TCTF HQ would make him at least a peer of Barabas.

Despite his importance, he is never named in Oni material, and is merely identified as "Syndicate Henchman" in the subtitles. Coined by Andrashi a.k.a. Loser, the name "Kojiro" was first used in Loser's Warehouse Mod.


Kojiro is commonly identified as "the Comguy with the goggles", i.e. ONCCcomguy_2, although this isn't consistent:

  • There are several instances of ONCCcomguy_2 that Konoko can confront and kill, i.e. regular "Comguys with goggles" (without tabi boots, though).
  • Sometimes Muro's Comguy doesn't wear goggles, e.g., at the Atmospheric Conversion Center.

In-game appearances

Comm Trooper 2.gif Comm Trooper 1.gif

We are not listing appearances of generic goggled Comguys (some of them randomized) or obsolete cutscene material from CHAPTER 04 . TIGER BY THE TAIL.

Related mods

Loser's Warehouse

Loser's Warehouse is a high-difficulty version of CHAPTER 01 . TRIAL RUN, with many unexpected challenges (like having to activate the forklift without using the stairs). The boss fight against Kojiro appears at the end of the mod and constitutes one of Loser's first attempts at realistically unforgiving AI. Before the fight, Kojiro introduces himself both by name and as Mukade's apprentice. Inspired by the Truth Number Zero hypothesis (or was it the other way around?), Loser's Kojiro fights with Ninja moves and is able to teleport. At the end of the fight, he says that the only goal of the (very challenging) fight was to hold Konoko back, allowing either for Muro's preparation of the Musashi/Vago operation, or for some other unspecified initiative (Mukade's?).

Samer's character

Playable version
Kojiro was made into a custom playable character by Samer and also made part of the Saisei Team. Mod available HERE.
NPC and opponent
The SamMegaPack Conversion mod uses the new Kojiro model in the canonical appearances listed above and in a bonus appearance during the final battle as an additional opponent. The SamMegaPack Conversion is available HERE.