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Note from Iritscen: There may seem to be a lot of pages in this list, but most of them fall roughly into four categories:

  • Automatic links to XML pages from Template:OBD File Header for types that haven't been filled in yet.
  • BSL commands from a project in progress (see Current events for details), which comprise the majority of this list.
  • Placeholders made by users who planned to cover a subject later (such as fan fiction and musings on other entertainment that can be related to Oni).
  • The abandoned MELE initiative, the fate of which has not been decided yet.

Though the above require specialized knowledge, here are the red links that an average Oni fan could help with. To understand the context of the red-linked terms, you can click on the red link and then the "What links here" link in the sidebar to see which articles have referenced these terms.

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